It's the first time in my life that I have strong, long, lovely nails without peeling or breaking.*
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What are Vertical Fingernail Ridges?

Vertical Fingernail Ridges

Vertical fingernail ridges are ones that start under the cuticle and extend to the end of the nail. These are not to be confused with horizontal nail ridges (running across the nail).

The actual source or cause of these vertical ridges is unknown, but heredity is thought to play a role. These ridges tend to become more prominent as we age. Vertical ridges do not pose a health problem - although sometimes the nail becomes weaker at these ridges and will split.

FlexiNail penetrates the nail's protective coating and will dramatically help to reduce splits and cracks - especially at these fingernail ridges. Watch the short video below or go to the FlexiNail home page for more information.

Don't confuse vertical ridges with horizontal ridges. If your have HORIZONTAL ridges or your nail changes color, you should see your doctor as this could indicate a health problem.

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Click on the screen to the right to view a short, one minute home video with results of Derek's 3 month FlexiNail challenge (a hard but flexible nail doesn't chip or break when stressed):

FlexiNail takes just seconds a day to apply and we are so confident you will love the improvement to your nails, that we offer a 100 day money-back guarantee! Remember though, FlexiNail does NOT offer instant results. It will take some time before you see the results and that is why we offer the long money-back guarantee.

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Vertical fingernail ridges? Try Flexinail! You wouldn't be on this web site if you didn't want to improve your nails. So, chances are you've already tried all kinds of products - but you're still frustrated. We promise not to waste your time, but if you'll spend a few minutes with us now, we'll give you some great information on how to get the natural fingernails you want. If you have a minute, click on the video player screen above to watch a short one minute video showing what we mean by strong AND flexible nails. This amateur video shows the result of our challenge to Derek (our customer service manager) to grow his fingernails for three months using FlexiNail. He actually hated the long nails and only kept it going on his left hand - and even then trimmed the nails twice. Part of the video shows him using his fingernail to slice through a raw carrot and then being able to bend the nail over ninety degrees. It's interesting to watch if you have a minute.

Here is what a couple of our customers have to say. Click on any of the testimonials below to read the full (unedited message) or other full testimonials on the page. If you are a FlexiNail customer, we invite you to leave your comments as well.

beautiful strong flexible nails "I am so happy I found your product. Thank you!! Sincerely, Conny"

"I was hoping to have beautiful nails by the time I had an engagement ring on my finger. Guess what, I have both now. Thank you so much. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT." P. Davis

"I started using your product after spending all of my life with terrible nails. I can not believe the difference. For the first time in my life I have beautiful nails." D. Trezek

Click HERE for risk-free ordering information
or call us TOLL-FREE at 1-888-401-NAIL (6245)

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