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Tammy, Newburgh New York

My nails were pretty bad for years and I have tried many products for them but nothing helped. Then I discover Nail Flex and ordered it in Jan of 2011. I can't believe after a month how good my nails started to look. It's the first time in my life that I have strong long lovely nails without peeling or breaking. My husband told me to order it once again after my second order to keep my nails looking lovely. I highly recommend this product and their customer service. *

Marilyn, Bernalillo NM

I have been using felixinail for about 2 mo.I had just taken off acrylic nails and had to cut my nails back real short. I have tried lots and lots of products but this has worked the best.I keep up 2 acres of yard mowing irragating weeding rototilling etc plus the usual housework. I am not careful what happens happens. As you can see by these pictures I now have beautiful nails. Thanks for the product!!!!!!!!!. *

Hellen, Ryde Isle of Wight. U.K.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for enabling me to have the strong beautiful natural nails I have always longed for.
I've had fragile peeling nails all my adult life. For many years I controlled the problem with a product called 'Quit Peeling Nails' by Nailene. This was discontinued several years ago and despite spending many many pounds on so called 'guaranteed' treatments my nails continued to peel and break.
UNTIL I discovered Flexinail.
I have applied Flexinail 2-4 times a day since early April and my nails are now strong and beautiful with no trace of peeling! I am now developing a 'maintenance' regime and beginning to reduce the number of daily applications.
Please never withdraw this product; I need to continue using it. I am a converted 'Flexinail' user and send you my congratulations on developing this wonderful product. *

Erika, Aiken SC

This product is simply amazing! I can't do without it. I've been using it for several years now after trying to grow my weak peeling nails for years. Every now and then I forget to order in time and have to go without Flexinail for a few weeks. My nails quickly become weak and begin to peel again. I am a life long customer because I enjoy the healthy natural long and beautiful nails that Flexinail gives me! Thanks for this incredible product! *

Shari, Oswego IL

I bought FlexiNail with much skepticism. I have tried every nail hardening product to hit the market to help my thin peeling fragile nails with NO success. Much to my surprise this is working- WELL!!
After only 3 weeks I see a real difference. Can't wait to get to that 3 month mark and hopefully see nails that resemble the ones I was once so proud of. *

Avril, Redditch Worcestershire

For years I have been struggling with my nails though dry splitting and breaking. I have tried many products to repair them until I found Flexinail. I cannot praise this treatment enough. My nails have improved 100% and are much stronger and healthy. Thankyou so much Flexinail I am committed to using your product for life. *

Deborah, Elburn Ill

Hi! I absolutely love your product. I had acrylic nails on for over 20 years. I was tired of the expense and decided to take them off. But my real nails were even worse than they were before I had the acrylics put on. My natural nails were thin peeling and brittle. Now they are 400% better!
Thanks! Debby *

Lily, Melbourne VIC

Great product guys! It took a while but I was patient and now my nails are back on track! They're strong and they don't peel anymore - and finally got some length! I painted them for the first time in months and they look fab. Thanks a million :-) *

Sheila, Rockford IL

I have always had brittle nails that would break easily especially during the winter months. I began using Flexinail in October; applied twice a day religiously. I was definately a skeptic; I have tried numerous products with no success thus I was very surprised to see the positive results. I have not used nail polish to date but think I will try something over the Christmas holiday. My nails are actually growing and very rarely break. I am looking forward to the six month mark - if they continue to improve
I will stop needing to hide my hands. I am amazed! *

Ellizabeth F., Destin Florida

Well it took four months instead of three but then I've had some serious nail problems compounded by the scullery work I do in the house and my having cancer treatments and a left arm shoulder replacement operation.

Anyway I now have ten lovely nails not perfect but perfectly ladylike and amazingly strong. I wanted you to knoq how pleased I am. And while I'm not using it three times a day I want to keep using it and say thank you for being extremely kind in the past. *

Angela, Blackpool Lancashire

For many years my nails were so weak they peeled so low down to the point that my fingers were permanently painful with no nail protection. I used acrylic nails to prevent the pain for many years. Then I bought flexi nails and have never looked back. It took a long time for my un-damaged nails to grow through but as flexi nail promises my own nails are now long beautiful and healthy!!! I will use flexi nail forever and many thanks for solving my nail problem!!! *

Jennie L, Berkhamsted England

I can only praise your product to the utmost I am still absolutely amazed at my nails beautifully strong long and look absolutely fabulous. Never ever have I had such wonderful nails of my own ever. I really do wish I had found this product many years ago it would have saved me a lot of heartache and distress and money!

Many many thanks again. *

Melanie, Oklahoma

First of all let me say that your product is wonderful. My nails were cracked and splitting in late September due to years of improper care and periodic acrylic nail use. I ordered your product in the dim hope that I could get my nails to stop splitting. To my utter amazement I now have nails that I do not wish to cover with polish. They are long. strong and attractive. Thanks so much for your help.
Melanie *

Linda M., CT

I have been using Flexinail since late December and I must write to say that
I have never been more satisfied with a product! I am thrilled by the
results I have seen. My nails were peeling off in layers leaving my fingers sore and tender. Right now my nails are growing out without any further peeling. This is just a great product. It lives up to all that is said on the site. This is the first time I can honestly say that. So many care products tout great expectations and disappoint. I am just so satisfied!
Thank you for your honesty and a truly effective product. I would recommend
it highly. *

Helen, VA

I rarely take the time to do testimonials but I had to for this! FlexiNail is great! I had gel nails and when it was removed I could see all the peeling throughout my nail. About a third of it from the cuticle was ok since that was where the manicurist did not fire my nail down so much. I could actually see the curved line on each nail where they filed it. This made for a good reference point when I started using the FlexiNail in the beginning of March. Yes my nails kept breaking and was very short but I continued to use the FlexiNail twice daily. By 1.5 months I noticed my nails were not breaking as much. I could still see some peeling egdes on my nail from the gel nail but they were not peeling anymore and not breaking as frequently. Now I have about 2 weeks to go before it's been 3 months but my nails are much stronger. Now I'm an impatient person and don't always take care with my nails and have jammed them pretty hard a few times. All it did was make the edge of my nail rough but didn't break them. I've also noticed that it doesn't file as easily. I see my nails have not completely grown out yet but it's already much stronger! I love this product and will keep using it. I've finally found something that works! And I love the fact that there is no false advertisement about how long it takes to develop nice strong nails. I've tried many store bought stuff over the years without any success. This product is definitely worth the money. *

Patricia, Tarpon Springs FL

I am 60 years old and inherited terrible nails--thin peeling splitting nails. Over the years I have tried every product I could find--from drugstores online magazines. For a couple years I had acrylic nails until my nails started separating from the nail beds. I found Flexinail online by googling key words in the search box. The testimonials convinced me to at least try. From the beginning I have been diligent applying Flexinail twice a day. Unlike nail polish it's easy to do just slop it on and wait 10 minutes. It sinks in nicely. I wrote a 3 month deadline date in my calendar so that I wouldn't get impatient thinking my nails would have to grow completely out to see a difference. But after only 3 weeks I could tell my nails were healthier less dry shinier. At 1 and 1/2 months my nails were pretty a little white tip and stronger. Now after 3 months they are long and strong. I actually have to cut them. Unbelieveable! *

Fiona, England

Having had thin peeling and painfully weak nails since the age of 11 yours is the only product that has ever made any difference. Yes it does take perserverance to get rid of the peeling (though the look and feel of your nails improves almost immediately) but like many other reviewers at the age of 50 I am happy with my nails for the first time. Now ordering the large pack to give some to my poor daughter who has inherited her mother's nails. She's 16 and I'm happy that she will now have better nails than I had for most of my life! *

Bonnie, Chicago IL

This product is amazing. This time last year my nails were growing slowly but with vertical splits and ridges. I stopped getting manicures because the nails were in such bad shape. After approximately 3 months (admittedly I did not apply as frequently as directed) there was a noticeable change and now my nails look healthy as long as I continue using FlexiiNail Conditioner. I have just received a second order - I do plan to use it on a regular basis. I will be 74 years old this year and I never thought my nails would once more look like they did 50 years ago. *


One reason I tried your product after so much research and using so many other products was the fact that your advertisement did not promise any unrealistic 'quick fix' but said that it would take time. My nails had always been brittle and peeled something terrible and I had tried a lot of products. I finally really did some damage with the acrylic nails. I have never written a testimonial for any product of any kind before but I want to tell you that this product works. I am 73 years old and my only regret about my nails is that I didn't know about this product years ago. *

Liesa, Toledo OH

I recently came down with a case of nail fungus on both big toes. My doctor gave me a script for but after learning of the side effects I decided to go with plan B. After going through almost one bottle my nails are almost back to normal. It will take months to grow out but I could hardly walk it was so painful. Not now.Very impressive products. *

karin, buford GA

This stuff is absolutely amazing!! I am 53 and have never had fingernails until now! It takes awhile for it to start working but don't give up because once it does you will be thrilled with the results! Truly amazing!! *

Pippa, Worthing UK

I started using Flexinail in July 2011 I have never had such good condition to my nails! Nothing will change the fact that I have thin nails but I haven't had one flake chip or break in three months and am now have to file my nails weekly because they are growing so quickly. It is the first time in my life I have got 10 nails all the same length. I am 45 and wished I'd found this product in my teens at least I can tell my teenage daughters what to use as they have inherited my nails. Thanks for a great product. *

Melissa, Scarborough ON

Hello FlexiNail:

I've been using FlexiNail for three months now. Here's an update.

Derek advised me that with my severe nail damage it would take more than three months to see optimal results.

Derek was right but already eight of my nails are quite normal. The breakage has stopped on these eight nails as has the splitting and peeling. They look almost as good as they did 20 years ago (I'm 62).

My thumbs were corrugated like quonset huts but are now MUCH smoother and it takes a real blow to break one.
Also not one nail has cracked on the side way down into the pink area since I've been using FlexiNail. Wow!

I will update again in six months -- bet my nails look like they did 30 years ago by then! *

Barb, Moorhead MN

My experience has been all that I hoped for and more. I have been using the product for 4 months and have nails like I have not had since I was in high school... over 45 years ago. I wore acrylics for 4 years and thought I could never have decent nails. I am hooked. Keep one in my car and one in my purse. Definitely want to try the Toe product now. Your customer service is exceptional. Thank you for a product that truly lives up to all you say it will do. *

Ally, Nottinghamshire

I started using FlexiNail last November as my nails were flaking a lot which I put down to having had Acryllic Nails for 3 years. Though the reason I started using false nails was the terrible condition of my own nails. I then read that wearing false nails makes your own nails even worse so decided to stop using them. Unfortunately after 3 years of using acryllics my nails were even worse than before. I tried many many different products but with only short term relief before my nails returned to flaking and peeling once again! I chanced upon the FlexiNail website and read the testimonials and thought 'why not' thank goodness I did my nails are now the best I have ever seen them strong flexible and heathly looking THANK YOU so much FlexiNail. I would also like to say how helpful Derek has been whenever I have contacted him. All in all a FABULOUS product which does what it says together with great admin. support. *

Barbara, Clarksburg WV

I began using Flexinail exactly as directed in November. My nails look amazing. Not 'salon' done nails but longer and in better health than EVER before in my life and I am 63 years old. I use my hands daily to do what I usually do and I do a lot of hard work.....house cleaning yard work etc. The key is what everyone else says 'use it daily or twice a day and be PATIENT!'. They used to peel and just chip off. I still have a thumbnail split that keeps giving me trouble but I shut a car door on the finger years ago and damaged the nail bed. TRY this product. It is worth the money and time! *

Brenda, Boston MA

Hello to those who sold me FlexiNail
This testimonial is very overdue. I had always had fairly strong nails but I would from time to time break a nail off usually opening my car door or by putting my hand into my jeans pocket and SNAP one would break off below the skin line and hurt for days and make my manicure look so awful for at least 6 wks. Almost one year ago I ordered FlexiNail after watching the video on their website. My husband had given me a manicure gift certicate and after 6 months of the wear & tear of weekly manicures my nails were not only cracking and splitting horizontally but also vertically. My nails were in very bad shape.
I ordered FlexiNail and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My nails went from cracking splitting peeling to PERFECT in just a few months! Not only did FlexiNail undo the damage from the manicures but it made my nails better than they have EVER been. The real test for me was last month when I put my hand in my jeans pocket and felt that awful pain of the nail bending and I was positive I had broken it. I pulled my hand out and NO CRACKS no split - the nail was perect because just like the video shows it bent because it was now flexible and it DID NOT break!
I have never been more amazed by a nail product. Remember when all those 'nail hardening' products promised to prevent nail breakage? Exactly the opposite is what we needed all along - a 'flexible' nail. My nails no longer crack at the edges in winter either. I leave a vial of FlexiNail on my computer table and use it on the cuticle and under the back side of the nail per the instructions whenever I use my PC and I have not broken a nail in 9 months!!
I would not write this if it were not true. Whoever made this product is very smart and I thank you so much for my perfect natural nails! *

Tricia, Milford Haven Pembrokeshire

I have been using Flexi nail for three months and the results are amazing. I had had Gel nails on for a while and my nails were awful they are now beautiful they are strong and very healthy the tips are white. I have never seen my nails so beautiful. I would recommend this product to anyone. I will never stop using it. Thank you *

Tricia, New York

This is an update to a review I posted almost 4 years ago when I started using Flexinail. At this point I only need to use it once daily although I am still religious about applying it to dry nails and I am also careful not to wear nail polish for extended periods. After years of embarrassingly unattractive nails it's wonderful to know that all I need is Flexinail and a little bit of discipline to ensure healthy and attractive nails. Thank you again Derek and Flexinail! *

Cheryl Grabow, Jacksonville Texas

My nails peeled like onions; fragile layers separated and trapped particles of anything I touched. I kept my nails cut to the nail bed and tried to keep them dry; I used a number of nail hardeners that in the end only seemed to make the problem worse. It started with artificial nails that I thought would be great for a business convention. Too much trouble to maintain I had them removed only to find the nail underneath in worse shape than ever. The nails would divide halfway down the nail bed! Since I'm a cosmetic artist my hands are always in front of my customers and need to be clean and look professional at all times. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! My nails are better than ever before. I giggled like a little girl (I'm 54) when I told my husband I'd do something in a minute I just needed to 'file my nails'! He laughed too because he knew how miserable I'd been. Since I own a retail cosmetic studio I actually sell excellent nail care products from two leading companies but they weren't able to solve my problem. Flexinail did! Just placed my second order. My results were evident within a month but within 3 months I have completely 'new' nails. I gave a partial vial away to a friend to try and I hope she does. I just don't want to run out so I'm ordering a little early! Cannot tell you how grateful I am for this miracle cure. xoxo Cheryl Grabow *

Lindsey, Bristol North Somerset

Hi Derek I have been using it now for 3 months and wow - what a difference!! I had previously been using acrylics so my nails were in a state! Now they are definitely not!! I will send over pics in separate emails - day 1 (black background) month 2 and month 3 - Flexinail is fantastic!!
Thanks again and am continually telling everyone about the wonders of Flexinail!!!
Kind regards
Lindsey *

Jean, Clifton NJ

I have been using your product for about 3 months. I am extremely pleased with the results so far!! I have had terrible peeling nails for over 30 years and have always been embarrassed by how bad my nails look. I have tried every product on the market and they were all a waste of money. Nothing ever worked. I would recommend this product to anyone who has given up hope with their nails. *

Rebekah, Kington Langley Chippenham

I cant believe how well flexinail works the testomonies gave me confidence to have a go ( I wasn't spending anymore than I had been on stuff that hasn't helped) - even persuaded my Mum to give it ago! Had not to be jelous when her nails responded quicker than mine!! Last week put my hands in my pocket and bent back a nail - to my suprise it didnt break just folded back in place!! Have had two nails that have taken 4 months to fully comply. Only one request any chance it could smell nicer - my husband keeps complaining!! Thankyou so much and lets keep spreading the good news!! *

Vickie, Adelaide South Australia

I have only been using flexinail for 6 wks and i have to say how much i love this product as they still dont have any lenghth yet but can see the dramatic change in the health and strength in them i have never had nice natural nails they have always broken split on me as iam a nail technician i always just resorted to my acrylics but over time acrylics just did more damage!iam so happy now and have already spread the word to many of my friends! thankyou so much flexinail you have a very happy customer! *

Lorna, Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire

I purchased Flexi Nail after seeing an advert on line being on quite a lot of medication which I blame for ruining my nails I thought nothing ventured nothing gained it was the best money I have ever spent I have been using it since April and my nails have never looked so good it certainly DOES work so much so that I have just placed another order as I can't imsgine being without it I also recommended it to several of my friends.My first order arrived realy quickly with no problems at all for which I thank you. Just as Flexi Nail tell you the key word is
'PATIENCE' and believe me it is worth it. So thank- you once again Flexi Nail for giving me beautiful nails again. *

Ann, WORCESTER Worcestershire

Thank you for a product that really does do what it says on the packet. I have tried all sorts of nail products in the past some by recommendation from beauticians and none of them have worked. Flexinail is amazing my nails have strengthened and are really starting to look good for the first time ever. I am totally amazed at the result of using this product I was very sceptical to begin with but soon realised that this was something different from anything else and shall continue as I am completely converted. *

Harpreet, Henderson NV

As a physician I'm always washing my hands or using hand sanitizer between patients which results in weak nails. I was doing gel manicure to keep my nails strong but after long term use it weakened my nails even more. They would peel split and tear all the time! Not to mention I tend to pick at my nails when I'm nervous. Needless to say I was embarrassed when patients would look at my hands. After using Flexinails for just 4 weeks my nails are strong flexible and don't break! I've tried everything under the sun from professional to drugstore finds and nothing ever worked. Hardners would only work for a short time. Now I don't have to have any polish on my nails for them to be strong. Trust me I was a skeptic and it took me months of looking on the website before I bought the product. But it's completely utterly 110% worth it! I will be using this for life! As a young 30-something I cannot see myself without Flexinails...ever. Thank you so much! *

Lola, Ojai CA

I'm 68 years old and have had acrylic nails for about 30 of those years because my own nails have b een brittle and would easily break. I would take off the acrylics and try to grow my own only to go back to acrylics when my own kept breaking. For the FIRST time in my life I have consistent length and lovely nails. I never write testimonials but I guess 'never say never'! Thanks!
Lola *

Linda, Brisbane Queensland

Thankyou... Flexi Nail is fantastic finally a product that does what it says it will... It takes a little while but be patient you will have lovely nails... My nails are in the best shape ever I have never been able to grow my nails untill now ..... THANKYOU FLEXI NAIL !!! *

Joyce, Palmdale New South Wales

All my life I have had the most dreadful nails that I bit chewed and picked. So I went down the Acrylic path for several years in order for them to look decent. However I am a volunteer firefighter and this played havoc with them so I had them removed. I tried all the nail hardening products but nothing worked. When I first started with flexinail I still saw no results for the first couple of months - but I persevered and how things have changed! Here is a photo of them after I had to have them cut and had a manicure after 3 months. Flexinail really is a miracle worker! *

Elena, London UK

Dear FlexiNail

I just have clicked on u unsubscribe link in my email by mistake. Please keep me in your e-mail list! I love using your products! My nails have never been in such a good shape as now.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Very truly yours

Elena *

Ina Jo, Bonham TX

I have been using this product since February of this year (2013) and have seen tremendous results in my nails. They were so badly damaged from years of acrylic nails I didn't think it was possible to have good nails again.
Thanks so much for this wonderful product. *

Bev, Lakeland FL

This product is the answer to the nail problems (ugly splitting etc.) I've had all my life. I thought artificial nails were the answer for many years until I added up the cost and the precious time it took from my life. I was determined to stop this nonsense and turned to FlexiNail. I'm so happy I used patience to let this product work -- and work it did!! There is no hiding my nails and there is no going back! I've never known of a product that works the way it is advertised to work like this one has. Thank you FlexiNail! *

lorraine, asheboro nc

THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! It does take persistence but you'll be glad u stuck with it. It's worth every dime! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! *

Warwick - Guitar, Coventry UK

I decided to try Flexinail after many frustrating years trying to get decent nails for producing a good tone on my guitar. I have previously tried all the usual guitar based advice and none really gets an acceptable tone or is reliable and consistent. Flexinail does exactly what it says on the tin. After 3 months my nails are stronger and healthier than ever before. I have not chipped the edge once and I can shape the nail easily for guitar use. The nail edge can be polished to produce great tone and it is completely consistent. Flexinail is a revelation and the answer to tricky nail problems for guitarists. *

VIVIEN, Cairns QLD Australia

WOW! This product REALLY WORKS. I have had terrible nails for all of my nearly 60 years and this is the first time ever that I have had nice looking nails that don't break chip and peel. I found that I needed to use the product for longer than three months to be completely 'cured' but there definitely was progress in this time frame. If you are patient and apply at least once a day every day it will work eventually. If it worked for me I am sure that it will work for anybody. I will definitely keep using this product it's worth every cent. THANK YOU *

Judith, Decatur AL

I agree this product works wonderfully for strong flexible nails. There is also another benefit that i have no heard anyone comment on and that is how good it is for your cuticles. I had ragged dry cuticles and hangnails. My cuticles now look as good as my nails. *

Dawn, Rosholt WISCONSIN

Prior to using Flexinail my own nails were pathetic. They split peeled & cracked all the time. The long & short of it is that I will never be without flexinail if I have anything to say about it. I love to wear rings & my nails now look wonderful & I don't mind attention being paid to them now. Thanks!!! *

Yvonne, North carolina

I have tried every product for my peeling nails.I spent a fortune on nail hardners not realizing that was not the answer. I found Flexinail order and have been using now for three months. I could not be happier with this product. IT WORKS!!!
My nails are not peeling and look healthier than they have in years. *

Beth, Dublin Virginia

This is the best product out there to make your nails long and strong! I have tried every product out there for years and this is the only one that really works. I have used this for 4 months now and I no longer hide my hands and they don't peel and break like they did for years. PLEASE try this! Takes some time but keep going it really worked for me and I will use this forever! *

Ina Jo, Bonham TX

June 17 2013. This is my second testimonial. I want to let people know that you need patience with this product. It works but NOT overnight. So folks if you want good nails PLEASE have patience. Don't give up. I have been using this since January of this year and am NOW beginning to see an improvement. I will not hesitate to buy again..
THANKS Flexinail *

Liz, Dublin 11 Ireland

I love this product. I began using Flexinail in April on flaky brittle incredibly short nails. It is now June and I can't believe my nails. They are long strong flexible with white tips. I can't stop looking at them. I will continue using Flexinail daily because it is fantastic. If you are using polish use a formaldehyde-free one and an acetone-free remover. Thanks Derek and Flexinail. *

Rose, Fleetwood Lancashire

I always read reviews before buying anything and every single one rated this product so I took the chance and ordered. I am so glad I did for the first time in more years than I can remember my nails are; perfect. Over the last ten years or so I have had horizontal cracks on the base of my nails especially on my thumb nails. As the nails grew and the cracks neared the top of my nail then they would snag and catch on things unless I cut them REALLY short before that happened. I HONESTLY can't believe the difference after only a few weeks my nails were looking much better but now 6-8 weeks later they are long strong and not a crack to be found!!!! *

Rose, Fleetwood Lancashire

Just sent a testimonial along with photo. Please do not show the photo as I meant to add the text; the photo was taken to show the improvement in my nails after only 4-5 wks. But it went off to you before I could review it. *

Linda, Maidstone Kent

I was really sceptical about this product but having read the testimonials decided to give it a try I had tried everything else. I started using it on 17th April this year after having 'gel nails' removed. My nails were is such a bad way I never thought they would grow I had to cut them really short as they were peeling and so weak. WOW what a difference they are growing beautifully strong and look lovely. I am thrilled to bits to have finally found a product that actually works. Highly recommend Flexinail. *

Rose, Fleetwood Lancashire

FANTASTIC. WONDERFUL. AMAZING. What more can I say other than worth every penny. *

Sarah, Goodyear Arizona

I love my nails. They are strong and
look beautiful. I have never been as
impressed with anything. I really
can't believe that a product can make such a difference. Thank you thank you
thank you! *

Daphne, Clevedon NorthSomerset

Thank you so much. I was desperate to have beautiful nails and FlexiNail has worked. After years of peeling chipping nails I now have nails to be proud of.

It has taken 100 days as you advised so I was not disappointed that I didn't have instant success.

Daphne Clevedon UK *

Ruthann, Boynton Beach Florida

I am a 70 year old woman who has wanted decent nails since I was a child. I have consumed bushels of carrots and untold quantities of gelatin to no avail. I finally gave up in my 30's and used fake nails since 1984. Can you imagine the money I've spent over the years!! Last year I ordered Flexi Nail. At the time my nails were split sore and a real mess. It was embarrassing. Today I have medium length healthy looking and feeling nails for the first time in my life. Bravo! Thank you Flexi Nail. *

Barbara C., Clarksburg WV

I have been a consistent user since November of 2012. It is true that you must be patient. I found it was when the old nail with its damage had grown out that the new nail grew in stronger. I abuse my nails -- cleaning gardening etc. And no gloves. I should know better. My nails have been weak and peeling all my life. I had gel nails for 8 years and loved the look but it was a disaster when I took them off. This product came to the rescue! No only did it make the damaged nails look better it helped soften my cuticles! Must use consistently. Don't look like gel nails but look the best mine have EVER been and can get more length on them -- passed fingertips!! Love it. *

Holly, Phila PA

I have probably submitted 2 testimonials in my entire life and I shop online A LOT! I LOVE LOVE LOVE FLexiNail. SO much so that I am considering stocking up for fear that someday I will not be able to get this product anymore. It is truly amazing. I have had short weak nails that would peel in layers my entire life. not only were they unsightly but they were uncomfortable to deal with because they would get caught on things when the layers would peel and were just awful. I never thought I would ever have long strong beautiful nails and now I do. They grow like crazy and hardly ever break. I never evern have to paint them (which i really hate to do) i just put the conditioner on two times a day (so quick and easy...at desk at work and before bed). I get remarks all the time and all my friends cannot believe my strong nails. I always tell them about FlexiNail as being a 'miracle product.' the ONLY problem is sometimes i will get oil on my clothes if i am not careful and it can be tough to remove. but this can easily be avoided.

thanks Flexinail!! *


My entire life I've had nails that split and peeled. I have tried many different products with little success -and then I discovered FlexiNail. I have been using FlexiNail for 8 months and my nails have never been healthier. I never imagined that I would be able to say that I have strong healthy nails that do not peel - but that is exactly what I have now! I enthusiastically recommend this product and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Thank you FlexiNail!! *

Christine, Stoke Poges Slough Berkshire

I bit my nails up until the age of 19 and although they grew now and then were weak. I invested in acrylic nails for my son's wedding and after 12 years decided to take them off at the end of June this year using FlexiNail straight away. It has taken a while as some of the nails were really thin and weak but they have grown through beautifully and look better than when I had acrylics on. Thank you so much for my lovely long strong nails. *

Margaret, ON

You probably won't remember me but I sent you pictures of my nails in May and said that if FlexiNail could work on these it would definitely be a miracle. Well here is the before and after. Your product is absolutely amazing but as you said you must have patience and I did and it certainly paid off! I don't hide my hands any more and just can't believe it.

So I will be phoning you to talk about getting another supply of your wonderful product and please feel free to use my pictures as an example of what FlexiNail can do.

Margaret Loudon *

Donna, Alanson MI

January 2014-Being a skeptic I hesitated to order but the 100% guarantee convinced me to try it. I have had fragile peeling nails for years have tried many treatments which did not work. Flexinail DOES WORK! My first order is dated October 2012 and I reordered once more after that. I stopped using all nail products only using Flexinail. After a couple months I could see improvement in my nails and the cuticles were smoother too. I will never be a hand model but now I am not ashamed of my nails. Thank you for a great product!! *

Jenevra, Ferntree Gully Victoria

I thought when I heard about flexinail I have to admit I didn't think it would work but after persevering with the treatment I now have to cut my nails for the first time in 35yrs no more pealing splitting cracking or breaking people now ask me how do I keep my nails so long and healthy So I show them the flexinail site instead of telling them. So I could not say thank you enough Felxinail. *

Jenevra, Ferntree Gully Victoria

Hi flexinail these are what my nails look like now healthy and long I love your product so much I have even brought some for my daughter also. I just wish I had taken a pic of what they looked like before. Thank you so much you deserve a medal. *

Margaret, Oakham Rutland

I am 78 years old and have had paperthin and brittle nails all my life until now when after 3 months daily application of flexinail my nails are transformed and are healthy strong and supple. This product really works. My daughter also suffers from the same problem and I have just ordered a supply of flexinail for her and I shall certainly be ordering a further supply for myself *

Terry, Maryland

I have only been using FlexiNail for a month but want to share my experience so far. I have one nail that has been split down the middle for over 2 years and I thought it would never be normal again. In just over a month of using FlexiNail the split has healed and I have just experienced my first full week in years of not having to keep my nail covered to prevent it from catching on things and tearing! I am truly amazed! This product is wonderful and I can't wait to see how nice my nails will be after my 100 days. Thank you very much! *

Nirlaine, Port Saint Lucie Florida

Needless to say if you are reading this message you are probably as desperate as I was to find something that would help stop my nails from peeling and breaking. We'll your search is over. You have found the golden grail of nail care. FlexiNail works and is well worth every penny. My only regret is that I did not take before pictures to share. After about 1 month I started to see drastic improvement. I now for the first time in my life (47 years) have ten healthy beautiful nails. I no longer polish my nails they look great natural. I just placed another order and will now add a regiment for my toe nails. God bless the inventor and all those involved in the sale of this product. *

Judith, CHARD Somerset

A year ago I wanted to start playing the ukulele but my nails were splitting and peeling - to a point that they were painful! Having surfed the Net to find a product to help I ordered Flexinail and have never looked back! Happily strumming with lovely strong nails. No need to wear nail varnish either - I just want to show off my healthy nails! Thanks Flexinail! *

Terry, Eldersburg Maryland

I started using FlexiNail in January 2014 and by April I had a completely new set of strong healthy nails! This miraculous product healed a split nail a nail that was separating from the nail bed and the rest of my weak peeling nails. FlexiNail delivers results exactly as promised and is the only product I have ever found to do so. I am now enjoying the fact that I have to use my nail files and clippers to trim my nails when they get too long instead of using them to tend to broken nails. The price of this product is well worth the result a whole new set of nails. Thank you! *

caltech1948, Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I have tried everything...spent thousands of pounds over many years trying to improve my nails you name it I've tried it maybe I was never meant to have fabulous nails like my mother had...until I tried this product!!.
If you want lovely strong fingernails....The one word I would use is PERSEVERE in the beginning I applied it twice daily until I saw improvement now I only apply it once a night a little goes a long way and it lasts you really have to wait till your old nail grows out but you will see a great improvement in strength and flexibility.. GREAT PRODUCT..You won't be disappointed!. C xx *

Faye, Sligo Ireland

I was fed up of my nails splitting and peeling for months on end and had tried several 'remedies' to make them strong and healthy. At first I was apprehensive when I came across Flexinail. The key is patience and perseverance. After only a few months my nails are the brightest strongest and healthiest I have ever had. God bless Flexinail!! I just wish more people in Ireland knew about this product! *


My nails have never been good for as long as I can remember and I have tried everything for years to try and improve them. They got so bad that they started splitting length ways down my nail and also across the nail low down especially on my thumb nails and i ended up having to peel the nail off and it hurt so bad and took ages to grow even a little bit and when it did grow it would happen again and again. I discovered flexinail while searching for help for my nails. Well i have never looked back. This is the most amazing product..stoppped the splitting in both directions and my nail became longer and stronger than they have ever been. I couldnt believe it..it takes time but at least its not just a cover up like all nail hardners which never worked for me..Its worth the wait and it works..flexi nail is amazing. I now have my mum using it as her nails were worse than mine!!! Thank you so much flexi nail for making a product that actually works and does exactly as you state...so happy!! *

Sharon, Seaman Ohio

Flexinail keeps its promise. You do need to be patient. It has taken six months to gain the full benefit but gradually since the first week I saw results enough for me to keep the ritual going faithfully. I now have strong healthy nails that tolerate any abuse without cracking splitting or breaking. I believe my nails were probably as bad as it gets before Flexinail and that is why it took a while longer for me to enjoy great nails. Did I mention I'm 78. It's never to late to improve yourself. *

Evie, Minnesota

I agree with all the other testimonials This product is great!! *

Tom, UK

I've been using Flexinail for just over 4 months. Before that I was using a nail conditioner/hand moisturiser daily. My nails were quite good but would break in from the edge every now and then. I was constantly filing out cracked edges or superglueing on silk over tears.
Since using flexinail there was an immediate and continued improvement. I put it on twice daily and leave on as long as I can before rubbing it in. It doesn't penetrate very quickly so that is a downside. However the results are fantastic. I now have excellent nails that just don't seem to break. I don't worry about them now Also as I can keep a consistent nail I think my playing is improving too!
I did start taking a B3 supplement at the same time so this may also have helped but I am convinced by the benefits of this product and highly recommend it to other guitartists! *

Victoria, San Antonio Texas

OK I never write positive testimonials. This is mainly because products I try never work; however FlexiNail is really something special. My nails are thin damaged and grow very slowly. I tried FlexiNail and used it almost every single day for about two months before anything happened. Then I swear it was like nothing I'd ever seen - my nails were growing quickly and were thick enough to not break as soon they grew past my fingertip! This continued for about another month then I ran out of FlexiNail. Nooooooo! I am ordering more right now... *

Cindy, Lutz FL

I am about to place my second order and will never stop using this wonderful product. Until I found Flexinail my fingernails were extremely weak and thin. I now have to trim and shape them because they never break! *

Diana, Lloydminster AB

I wore gel nails for over 7 years faithfully having them filled. I decided in March of 2014 to have them removed and to try growing my natural nails. The top 2 pictures are the day that I had the gels removed and you can see how thin and weak my nails are. The bottom picture is 100 days after using FlexiNail. I'm so incredibly impressed with this product that I'm going to continue using it and likely never go back to gel nails as my natural nails are beautiful now! *

Joan, Chicago IL

In December 2013 I started using Flexinail on my weak peeling shredding nail. It took awhile but I was patient and faithful in applying it. By June my nails were no longer peeling or breaking and I've even had to cut them back. I'm thrilled !!! This is the first 'beauty' product I've bought that actually did what it was advertised to do. Thank you Flexinail! *

Mary, Stockport Cheshire

Well I'm four months in and have been using Flexinail twice a day once when I wake up and snooze and then again just before lights out. I use the flexinail for cuticles during the day when I remember and I am WELL pleased with this product. For years (I'm 63) I have suffered from soft and splitting nails with no growth and have further damaged my nails with bouts of acrylics and shellac both of which have helped to deteriorate growth and condition of my nail. I dread to think on the amount I have spent on various products that promised me solutions - nooooo! Sooo glad to have found this amazing solution - it truly does what it promises - end of !!! I have now have LONG AND STRONG NAILS - first time ever in my life. It's pointless uploading pictures of my nails because they look like salon enhanced perfection and not sure if you would beleive - lol BELIEVE Twas the best few quid I have EVER spent on a product. Thank you thank you thank you *

Cindy, Albany Ny

I would like to add my endorsement for this wonderful product! Using Flexinail has given me the best nails that I have ever had and I have tried everything for a very long time ! Now I will try the one for toenail fungus and hope it works as well.
Thank you Flexinail! *

Colleen, Adelaide Sa

After having split nails for a long time I reluctantly tried this product thinking it would not work I even wrote an email after 3 bottles of usage saying I wanted a refund but now after finishing 4 bottles my nails are lovely and I'm happy to order some more Thanks to FlexiNail my nails look good after spending lots on chemist items with no results Thankyou to FlexiNail for such a good product *

Alison, NSW Australia

I am close to finishing my second bottle of FexiNail and have just ordered more. This product is amazing. Although I had no trouble growing my nails they would split down low on the sides and as they grew out I would have to cut and file that bit out. Since using FlexiNail my nails have not done this and they are all the same LONG length for the first time in years. FexiNail has actually done what is name says-given me flexible nails that don't stress when bent. It has become part of my daily routine and is actually a nice way to relax at the end of the day. Thankyou. *

Magggie, Baltic Connecticut

I have used FlexiNail for six months and I cannot begin to tell you the absolute delight of being able to go out without nail polish and my nails look great. Thank you! *

Lindsay, Lake Forest CA

I really wish I would've taken before-pics ... because my nails have done an amazing 180! My nails have ALWAYS been thin breaking cracking splitting and UGLY. I just finished my 3-month supply of Flexinail and will be purchasing another one next week and let my gorgeous nails continue to flourish and grow and show off!

I had a crack in my thumb nail for almost 6 months that I could not get rid of. My manicurist couldn't get rid of it. My doctor had no reasonable solution. And after using Flexinail for just a few weeks the crack stopped in its tracks and now I'm happy to say that it's completely gone. I now have a beautiful thumbnail to go along with my other nails. I can't remember the last time I got excited about painting my nails and looking forward to showing them off. This is absolutely fantastic stuff!! The only thing I'm upset about is that I didn't find it sooner. Thank you Flexinail!! *

shirley, beloit WI

I've been using
flexi Nail for about two years.
Before using it I had peeling and splitting nails...they just peeled as soon as there was any nail showing. I was dubious and had tried everything else. So I gave Flexi Nail a chance. It took a LONG time before I saw any improvement I called and talked to the owner he was sympathetic and told me not to give up. I continued and hoped for the best. FINALLY after almost a year my nails began to improve. I now have nails that look nice. (except one) One nail will not stop peeling. But the other 9 look pretty good considering what I had before. The winter weather here in Wisconsin will take it's toll but I know if I keep using this product for the rest of my life I WILL HAVE NAILS (9 anyway). This is by far the only product that helps. I don't know why everyone doesn't know about it. It's terrific! *

Barbara, Savannah Georgia

I have always had terrible nails. I used acrylic nails for a few years and of course my nails were worse after that. One of my nails was damaged and I was told it would never stop splitting because the matrix was damaged. I thought I would try one more time and starting using FlexiNail. After 6 months my nails are very strong and the one that was damaged is growing just as nice as the rest of them. I will never stop using this product. It is terrific. *


My hands are always in water/ or using hand gels as I am a nurse. My nails were brittle/ flaking/ peeling and just awful. Two nails ( my pointers would not grow at all ). I had tried every nail hardener on the market and spent so much money. One day I went on line to see if there was a product that I hadn't used and came across Flexi Nail. I thought why not I'll give it a go. After the first couple of weeks I noticed a difference- they looked healthy. My nails have stopped peeling & breaking and my pointer fingernails are now my longest! I have just ordered my next bottles - there is no way I'll buy anything else. I have also told my colleagues about this product. Thankyou *

Anne, MA

I started using FlexiNail in October and now in January I have 10 unsplit and uncracked nails. I suspect that a bad manicure last January and cold dry weather caused my nails to be so bad for so long. The nails were splitting so badly that I had to cut them extremely short. The FlexiNail really works. I just regret losing one of my two bottles when it was only half gone! *

Shari, Oswego IL

This is one of the very FEW products that actually works just as advertised. Started using it a year ago after I stopped wearing gels. My own nails were like tissue paper and this product REALLY worked. It took a few months but the improvement was dramatic. *

Debbie, Fremont CA

I have been using this product for a few years now. I started after trying many others and then resorting to gel nails. What a mistake! My nails continued to break and were a mess once I removed the gel. After searching for awhile I found this. I immediately liked the idea as this seemed more natural like a conditioner instead of harsh chemicals that lots of nail hardeners contain. It works! It took 6 months for my nails to grow out but they are now beautiful and strong. Try it. Be patient. It does work. *

Diana, Sydney NSW

On 6th January 2015 I began using Flexinail. This product has been outstanding. My before and after photographs tell the story - my nails were in the most shocking state and had been for as long as I can remember. For years I tried to hide their very sorry appearance beneath nail polish. Today almost 3 months later I have the nails I have always wanted! Thank you so so much! I would highly recommend this product. *

gai, Lake Cathie NSW

Patience!!! I have been using Flexinail diligently with much faith for nine months and have finally been rewarded with strong and healthy nails. It may take longer than you anticipate but it will work. *

Diana, Lovell Wyoming

I never do testimonials on a product but this one I have to. I am 65 yrs old been looking all of my life for something to help my nails. I certainly found it in Flexinail. It is so great!! I never break my nails I have to cut them always. Thank you for this fabulous product. *

Janine, Manchester IA

I have had dry brittle peeling nails for years. I was very skeptical about tryng FlexiNail but the money back guarantee convinced me. After using this product for 63 days on dry unpolished nails my nails show a huge improvement. I would highly recommend FlexiNail. Don't expect anything overnight - in time you will be convinced like I was. *

Rosetta, Toronto ON

As promised Ii said that I would give an updarte on my nails. I had written that for the first week I saw a difference so here is an update after a month. My nails are strong healthy and long. I haven't worn no polish. My nail bed is smoother and not brittle and or dry. I have been using the cuticle oil as well and and my cuticles look healthy. My nails look so good without polish. I'm so glad I gave you a try. I totally recommend this product. My husband is using the fungus oil and wow what difference his nails are looking fab ! *

Terre, San Luis Obispo Calif

Now I know that I bit my nails all those years (I'm 56) because they used to split at the slightest provocation and no product I tried made any difference.

I've been using FlexiNail two or three times a day for 10 weeks and my nails have grown out long and strong. For the first time in my life my nails are thick and flexible and long. If my hand does go to my mouth the instant I touch a nail out it goes. It's like I never had that habit and I didn't even consciously try to break the habit. FlexiNail naturally stopped me from biting my nails!

FlexiNail is amazing. It really works. *

Katherine, Bryceville FL

An amazing product. I was a nail biter until my young adult years. Despite stopping nail biting I have never been able to have nails for 20 years. My profession requires frequent hand washing and my nails were always pealing. Started using this product the first part of this year. Took 3 months to truly notice a difference but so happy I continued to use faithfully. I have had beautiful nails since the end of March. It really works! *

Cara R., oceanside ca

INCREDIBLE!!!! I fought to stop my peeling nails for 18 months with every product suggested by the beauty shop. Not one of these products worked. My nails were so bad and peeling behind my finger tips that at times I had to tape them for protection.
I was skeptical about your product but ready to try anything. I remember reading to be patient that it could take months. In just 6 weeks I have nails again.
Amazing I love your product. Thank you so much for giving me my nails back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a nurse and really need them :-)
Cara *

Doris, Hertfordshire UK

Like everyone else I have had rubbish nails all my life. I am now 75 and have spent a fortune chasing the answer to lovely nails. I first ordered Flexinail In 2012 but I'm ashamed to say I did not persevere. I ordered again in 2013 and 2014 but was still not patient to use it consistently resorting each time to gel nails. I kept coming back to read the testimonials so knew that they could not all be wrong. I started again in July 2015 using Flexinail several times a day preparing to wait at least six months to see results but wow after four months I have nails I can be proud of. Patience is the key to Flexinail. To think I could have had lovely nails for the past three years rather than just the past four months but now I will have them always! *

Kathy, Ontario

This truly is a marvelous product for your nails! I have always had weak peeling nails and have tried various products without any success. I have been using FlexiNail for one and a half years and all I can say is that I am so pleased I discovered this product! Although my nails are not long (and I don't want them long) they look very healthy...nice tips and a pink sheen. I never wear nail polish as I feel they look better natural. I will continue to use this product as long as it is available...which I hope is a very long time! Thank you FlexiNail! *

Sandra, Lakeland Florida

I have had terribly weak nails my entire life--splitting peeling horrible nails. I am 75 years old now and after many years of trying just about every product on the market including acrylic nails which were costly to maintain looked fake prevented me from picking up a needle or fastening jewelry and just a pain in general I started using FlexiNail 6 months ago. I am flabbergasted that this product actually did what it promised to do. I cannot believe how great my nails are today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I've always been reluctant to make recommendations about anything but not in this case. I cannot recommend it highly enough. *

Mary J, Milwaukee WI

I've been using FlexiNail for several years. I tell so many people about it. My nails were always peeling with cracks all the way from tips to cuticles. I cannot say enough about the way I show off my nails now instead of hiding them. This stuff is great. Try it for several weeks and you will love it too. Now I have to trim and file my nails which I never got to do for the first 70 years of my life. Thank you very much. *

Sharon, Atascadero CA

I had become accustomed to having split bleeding sore bandaged fingertips for most of my teenage to adult life. As an administrative person I have to protect the ends of my fingers because I use them almost all day everyday. I could not go a day without either tape bandages nail polish finger gloves or superglue on the ends of my fingers to accomplish the smallest tasks.
Until I found FlexiNail... I have been using FlexiNail for almost two months and I cannot believe how great my fingertips and fingernails are! I apply it three to five times a day depending on what I am doing. I have not worn polish band-aids finger gloves tape or anything other than FlexiNails for that entire time and my nails look great! I keep them very short and that might continue to be needed BUT to be able to only use one amazing product is mind-boggling! I am so grateful! Thank you *

Betty, Cincinnati Ohio

I am ninety years old and until starting to use Flexinail six years ago my nails were constantly splitting breaking and getting hang nails.
I have been using Flexinail once or twice daily for just over six years and all of those problems are totally gone. My hands and nails look as good as any ninety year old’s can look. *

Glenys, Stockport Cheshire

I have been using flexinail for years and it is an amazing product. No other product is anywhere near as effective. Love it and can highly recommend *

JanGreggo, Ponce Inlet FL

I've had unhealthy ugly nails all of my life separating in layers so that the top would peel right off leaving a paper-thin nail. FlexiNail is the absolute fix for me and my nails aren't embarrassing anymore. I place a small bottle by my computer and by my bed so it's a nobrainer and takes about 15 seconds. So easy! So thankful this product. *

Liesa, Toledo OH

This product is unbelievable. I work in a medical practice and my hands are in water all day long. I have spent a lot of money on products that did nothing. I am at the 4 month mark and my nails are almost there. No more peeling. getting better and better everyday *

gin, lewisville texas

I started using Flexinail a few months ago & I was skepticle when I read about it. I thought nothing could help my brittle & splitting nails but was I wrong. I have beautiful strong nails now and I owe them to Flexinail. *

Judy Master - New York

You were kind enough to correspond with me several months ago when I explained my particular dilemma with weak thin peeling unbelievably short nails which was only exacerbated by using nail wraps for 10 years!

Over these 3 months I have applied it religiously between 2-4 times a day. I did not use any polish for the first 5 weeks! Patience was the order of the day as I went weekly for my manicures.

It was suggested that I try a nail hardener which I declined -- continuing patiently with the FlexiNail system. Something in my gut told me 'this product WILL BE DIFFERENT'. And it is! My nails no longer peel! -- And they have become stronger and healthier looking too.

While my nails are still below the 'finger tip line' they are healthy
stronger and not peeling. I never wanted 'claws' just nice feminine nails
with which to pick up a quarter or a dime! I am a professional fundraiser
interacting with many people and need to look and feel good all the time.
Your product is making that happen.

I'm sorry I did not get a chance to photograph my nails for you when I
started using your product. Too many things in my life interfered with it.
But I will try to do that in the near future. My nails still have a way to
go yet!

I have placed an order for more FlexiNail today and hope to receive it soon.

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you!

Judy Master - New York *

Lynn Sarmento

Over 20 years ago I was overdosed on anesthesia in the hospital following major surgery. Up until that time I had beautiful nails and hair.

After the overdose my hair started falling out in chunks and my once lovely nails began to rip tear and peel. I was told by a doctor that my hair would probably recover but the nail damage was more than likely permanent.

I began having artificial nails applied but was never satisfied with the results. Finally two years ago I gave up all hope and just let my nails look terrible.

I have not worn my engagement ring for several years so as not to call attention to my hands. I was embarassed about my nails and became adept at hiding my hands at all times.

As a very final resort I decided to try FlexiNail. I had no hope at all that it would work and really did not expect it too. But after years of trying product after product I thought that it could not hurt to try one more time.

Almost 60 days into my FlexiNail program I am thrilled to report that my nails are actually hitting the keys as I type! It is a miraculous recovery for my severely damaged nails.

I cannot thank you enough for this product. It performs exactly as advertised which is quite rare in this day and age. My engagement ring is once again proudly displayed on my ring finger instead of being stored in a box and I am no longer ashamed to let people see my hands.

Your product truly worked a miracle on what I thought was a hopeless cause!
THANK YOU FlexiNail!

Lynn Sarmento

Eve, Kenosha WI

I am 38 years old and I have been biting/picking my nails since I realized I had fingers. I had almost given up until I found Flexi Nail. This product has literally saved my sanity. I rarely provide testimonials because the products generally do not work but Flexi Nail WORKS. It is the only product that has given my nails the strength to encourage growth. I have only been using this product for about 3 weeks but already I can see and feel an unbelievable difference and the fact that my nails are no longer brittle peeling prone to cracking I no longer have the desire to pick or chew on them. It's amazing. Thank you Flexi Nail for helping me overcome this nasty debilitating habit that no other product has been able to do! If you have struggled with nailing biting or picking and are desperate to stop Flexi Nail will work. *

Ellen, Mount Orab Ohio

My sister (S. Hughes from Virginia) got me started on FlexiNail. Once I saw her nails and how wonderful they looked I knew I had to give it a try. I am now reordering as I do not want to be without. This is the best stuff EVER. I love having beautiful healthy nails with out the acrylics. Several people have commented on my nails and how healthy they look. I always make sure to tell them how they too can have great looking nails. Thanks FlexiNail!!! *

Penny, Louisiana

I just had to write and let you know that I am 48 years old and this week I had my first manicure ever! Before I usually had 2-3 'good' nails on each hand but they were very thin and weak. If I wanted nice nails I had to get acrylics. I have been using Flexinail for three months now and I have 10 beautiful fingernails! I'm so excited and I've been telling my friends plus my coworkers have been watching the progress of my nails. Thank you for this product! *

Sasha, Houston TX

Its true its absolutely true!!! in August I developed an allergy to all nail polish.. my nails were thin and short and lifting off the nail bed and in fact became terribly painful...I was quite scared.....After just one use of Flexinail the pain eased off.. (even washing with soap was hurting them)..
Now three months later I have the longest strongest pinkest shinyest nails you can imagine. This is almost like a magic potion.

Super people to buy from.. kind and helpful... just lovely.... *

Ann, Ilfracombe Devon

Last year my nails were splitting and had ridges and one had split right down it's length and was most uncomfortable. I searched for a solution on the internet and found Flexinail and received my three months supply early December. I now have strong nails again - even the very bad one has recovered. I am getting another supply to keep in reserve and would recommend it as the solution to everyone with split nails. *

Laurine, Winnipeg MB

Ok I was a huge skeptic because I have spent hundreds of dollars on nail products that don't work! I've tried hardners vitamin supplements and even attempted mixing my own oils. FlexiNail to the rescue - OMG it really works! My nails stopped peeling and breaking almost immediately! For the first time in 20 years I'm not embarrassed to wear my rings. *

Lisa N., Dalton GA

After years of wearing acrylic nails and spending a small fortune every year I decided to try to grow my own nails. Twelve months after removing acrylics my nails were still thin brittle splitting and peeling. They would split all the way to the quick!

I found your website and decided to give it a try. After all 3 months supply was less than I had been spending on acrylics!
I have been faithfully using FlexiNail for four months now and my nails are stong long and beautiful! I have recommended your product to many people and will continue to do so. Thanks so much for delivering a product that lives up to it's promise!
Lisa *

Jan, Gwynfryn Wrexham UK

I am in my late 50s and can honestly say that my nails have NEVER looked so good for the first time in my life I don't have dry cracked peeling nails in fact I have to file them down. I am a total convert ....THANK YOU!! *

Jayne, Greencastle Indiana

My first 6-months supply of FlexiNail lasted about 4 months because of applying it 3 times a day to my badly peeling nails. What a difference!!! For the first time in my life I have beautful strong nails that do not split break or peel. I also have a lot more space in a vanity drawer since getting rid of all those other
'solutions' that didn't work. Thanks for a great product! *

Karen, Kent

I have to say that I was really sceptical when I ordered this product but had reached the point of despairing that I would ever have long strong nails as they would always break and peel. I have been using it for 3 months and the difference is amazing. I now have a set of 10 strong and resilliant nails - all the same length- I am so pleased - and have just re-ordered. Thank you so much. *

DeMar, Bellevue Washington

I play flamenco guitar. I have tried EVERY other nail strengthener and hardener on the market. Nothing worked. Since using FlexiNail I have not broken a nail and there have been many instances in which I am sure a nail would have broken if I had not been using Flexi-Nail. Without strong nails I cannot play guitar. This has been a life saver. *

Kathy, Emerald Park SK

I just wanted to give a testimonial because I am so happy with how my nails are. I have been very diligent for the last three months with Flexinail. I have used it in the past but was not diligent and did not get the results. I put it on at least twice a day and let it penetrate for as long as I can at least 5 minutes. To other users reading this - be patient!! Flexinail works if you are diligent for three months!! The other day I actually got to shape my nails because they had grown so nicely. I was tempted to go for a manicure but they are so rough in salons I am hesitant to go to one.

This is the first time I have had beautiful nails in my life! (I am over 60 years old 😊). THANK YOU FLEXINAIL! *

Roberta, Stone Ridge New York

I have never ordered any product on the internet but I was desperate. My nails were awful and I am a crafter and quilter. I need my nails to be strong because they are the tools of my trade. I have been using flexinail for 3 months and my nails are wonderful. Strong and long no more peeling and cracking. An excellent product do not hesitate to put in an order YOU WON'T BE SORRY. *

Marcia, Davenport IA

Thank you for FlexiNail! I swim three times a week and have had problem nails for years. Everything I tried and I tried lots of products failed time and again. After receiving my FlexiNail I began to notice a difference in a matter of days. It's been four months now and everything except my thumb nails have grown without any more pealing and chipping. The thumbs are looking better each day and when I see them growing long I'll consider this nothing short of a miracle! Thank you *

Andrea, Somerset Ma

I started using Flexinail in February of 2012. My nails were so weak and splitting constantly. I noticed a difference in the look of my nails in the first week of usage. I have been using the product for almost 6 months and my nails are so strong no more breaking. This is the first product that I have used on my nails in years that has worked. Definitely worth trying! *

Audrey, San Diego California

For many years I have struggled with split and peeling nails. I am 76 years old now and I have been using your product for about 4 months. My nails look fantastic! I am so thrilled! *

Barbara Ireland, Hingham MA

I have tried for years to find something that would stop my nails from splitting and breaking. Nothing worked including taking Biotin every day for 5-6 years. FlexiNail seems to have done the trick. Thanks you SOooooo much!!! Anyone who has not tried this great product is missing out. I do recommend using it several times a day light coat and rubbing it in on mails and cuticles. Works great!!! Barbara *

Kelly, Marengo Ohio

This product is AMAZING. I heard about it but I was skeptical so it took me a month or so to order. I cannot believe how well it works. I've never been able to grow nails and they always peeled and split. I now have long nails which I never thought possible. I've wasted so much money on useless products. Someone finally got it right. *

Norma, Cambridge ON

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product!!!!!
I have only been using it for a few months now and the difference in my nails is incredible!!!
It has been two years since I hand Artificial nails removed and my nails were an absolute mess so much damage was done to them. I thought my nails would never be the same again. Your product is a miricle in a little bottle!! I will continue to order it and use it even after my nails are where I want them to be. I will also recommend it to all my friends and anyone who has a problem with their nails
Thank you so much for this amazing product. It does exactly what it claims to do amd more.
Happy in Cambridge!!!
:) *

Donna, Hilo HI

My nails were the worst kinds of thin flaking peeling nails.... I had abused them with acrylic nails then gel nails and even when I stopped having the enhanced nails done they continued to be impossible to grow for years! Just over two months ago I tried FlexiNail just on a whim and honestly my nails are now long and strong! I am just amazed! For the first time in over 10 years I can see my nails from my palm side and they are healthy and tough! I am reordering a six month supply to keep my FlexiNails! I urge others with bad nails to try it it costs the same as one application of harmful artificial nails! *

skeptic, UK

I realise this is way after your original post but just wanted to add a review of Flexinail!!

Firstly a bit of background:
I have been using acrylics for the last 6 months - looked amazing but was really concerned about the damage to my nails. Tried Bio-sculpture which incidentally is great but at £85 a go in Harvey Nicks not exactly a long term solution!!

So decided to go cold turkey and use Flexinail!! When my acrylics were taken off my nails were paper thin - probably thinner actually!! They looked disgusting as all broke really low down and any regrowth broke instantly too!!

Flexinail website looked fab though I was a typical British cynic!! But oh how I've been proved wrong!!
The first couple of weeks no amazing difference but their website says that will be the case so no surprise there!! After month one however I started to see a marked improvement - ok not quite carrot chopping proportions (check out their video if you don't know what I'm talking about!!) but definitely could manage a bit of cress or a pea shoot!!
Month 2 saw even greater improvement - strong but flexible as they promote!!
I'm now approx 10 weeks in - and have used polish for the first time - and a friend thought I'd given in and gone back to the acrylics!!! I can still see where the filing down took place from the acrylics so know I haven't yet seen the full benefit that Flexinail can offer - but I am hooked!!

Yes its pricey (£45ish in pounds sterling) but I received 4 vials and am not even halfway through the second yet having applied it twice daily. The only other disadvantage I'd say is that it doesn't penetrate nail varnish apparently so the likes of Gellish & Shellac are not options - home varnishing it is!!

But in terms of strong beautiful nails this really does work!! Prior to acrylics my thumb nails used to break really low down and (a) look awful but (b) hurt!! Since using Flexinail this hasn't happened!!
I am not a regular reviewer for anything so I hope this lengthy account gives an idea of how good I think this stuff is!! *

Gayle, Bothell WA

I'd worn acrylic nails for 20 years every time I tried to take them off to go 'natural' was a disastrous nightmare. I began wearing acrylics in high school during the time I was studying to be a cosmetologist doing hair and nails and make up. My weak peeling flimsy nails tried everything on the market for fixing the natural nail. Wearing acrylics made my weak whimpy nails even worse paper thin and removing them made my nails weak painful to the touch. I am a professional actress and I am a professional dog trainer I am hard on my nails! In November 2012 I filed down my grown out acrylics and slathered Flexinail on and under. As the acrylics came off frequently taking valuable layers of my nail bed with it the nail bed was so thin it bled in a few spots. My fingertips hurt! I put Flexinail on several times a day religiously. The evening of the second day the tenderness was nearly gone. I could feel a dramatic difference in the thickness of the nail bed which I think was the product soaking up in the nails which were extremely porous. Seeing the new nail growing I could tell exactly where the old damage stopped by the big dip in the thickness. I was amazed at how well this worked. I have tried everything (OPI Nail Tech Trind and a few hundred others and hundreds of dollars in failed tries)! My nails are not perfect yet but they have never felt so good they are thicker sturdier but not brittle. I am placing my second order to continue treatment and hope that with Flexinail I can actually grow nice nails despite how hard I am on them. I will post the before pictures now and shoot some new ones to show you the difference. *

Barbara, Longwood Florida

This product is amazing. I've had immediate improvement. My nails look the best they have in years. After trying everything else I've finally found the perfect product. Can't thank you enough. *


I am now a true believer in the miracles of this product. I have worn acrylic nails for at least 25 years if not more. For financial reasons I decided to take them off in early spring & was faced with the mess left behind - weak thin damaged natural nails. I luckily found this product searching online for help for rebuilding them. I now have strong nails that bend instead of break or crack or split and that grow faster than they ever did before. My nails have NEVER been this good! Thank You FlexiNail! *

Helga, Colorado Springs Colorado

Need more info. My nails have been very bad since I was a young girl. I am now 92 and have tried Flexinail. It has been working great and I am now on my 90th day. One nail is still giving me problems and continues to split. Please inform me as to what I can do? Thank you so very much. I was so happy with the results of Flexinail. *

Rita, UK

For the last few years since I stopped wearing gels or acrylics my nails have been awful but since I stared using flexinail a couple of months ago they are really improving. Thank you so much. I may have nice nails for Christmas!! *

Nancy I., Marysville PA

My nails were splitting before using FlexiNail.
After several months of regular use they are much improved. I use FlexiNail now periodically to keep them that way. *

June, Totnes Devon

For many years my nails always looked a mess . They were always breaking and splitting and never had a chance to grow. It got worse as I got older but then a couple of years ago I started using Flexinail and to my amazement it actually worked.
It is so lovely to have nice looking strong nails so thank you Felinail *

Frances, Hobart Tasmania

My nails were really a worry to me as they were splitting and catching in my clothes I have tried lots of products over time but nothing helped so I was doubtful anything would help but desperate enough to try FlexiNail. Well I can't believe the difference in my nails in the three months that I have been using it. I have now just received another supply and I think whoever discovered it needs a medal!! *

Monique, Camarillo CA

I've had crummy paper-thin nails since I was a kid. They were so thin I couldn't scratch my arm without bending a nail back! As soon as I turned 18 I got fake nails and had them on for years. Periodically I'd have them removed try every trick and product on the market without success just to go back to fake nails.

Until I found FlexiNail!

If I had the money I'd buy a lifetime supply of this stuff because it really REALLY works. My nails are stronger than ever - and they grow so quickly I can barely keep them trimmed! I never imagined I'd have that 'problem.' *

Margaret, Inman South Carolina

I am so very impressed with the wonderful results experienced with Flexinail. I have only been using this magical oil for a little over one month but the condition of my nails have improved radically. My mother is 87 and I have shared with her this product. She has also seen improvement in her nails. Love your Flexinail. *

Cecilia, Overland Park Kansas

It's rare to find a product on the internet that performs as advertised. FlexiNail is one of those products. I started using it twice daily just over 2 months ago and it has made a tremendous difference in my nails. They used to split and crack off at the ends and peel into layers. My new nails are growing in much stronger to the point that I'm actually able to file and shape them rather than just filing off the broken ends. I used nail polish for a party recently and was amazed at how beautiful my nails look. I also take biotin a vitamin recommended for strong nails and hair. However biotin alone even after 7 months of use did not significantly improve my nails. I will continue to use FlexiNail daily. *

Cindy, London London

Photos as promised *

Doreen, Jackson Michigan

I've tried everything this one actually works! I can't believe how beautiful my nails look.I'm telling everyone even complete strangers. *

Patricia, Ely Cambridge England

I am a very keen gardener and despite always wearing gloves my nails suffered severely from weeding and generally being misused. Add to this I have ridges etc and I was so frustrated at never finding a product that truly improved my nails. Then I discovered Flexinail whilst surfing online and sent off my order. It didn't matter that dollars had to be converted to sterling for I was prepared to pay anything if it helped. The results have been amazing for in less than a month I can already see a vast improvement. Indeed I've just sent for 4 more bottles. What greater compliment can I pay Flexinail! *

Carole, Mesa Arizona

For Years I have had a deformed nail on my thumb. Very painful. Obviously the quick had been damaged some time ago. Also my other nails were splitting down the middle. I was using super glue to prevent too much pain. FlexiNail repaired all of these problems. Thank you. *

Barb, Hilliard OH

I have been using FlexiNail for four months and the difference in my nails has been like night and day! My fingernails are no longer splitting and breaking and are even strong enough to play my guitar with no damage to them. (I have not tried chopping vegetables yet...)

Not only am I pleased with the results but I am thrilled with the fact that this product has actually done what the advertisement claimed it would do. I'm about to place a re-order for this wonderful product. Thank you! *

bev, salt ash nsw

I was desperate to find a cure for my dry brittle ridged finger nails. Having a thyroid condition means this is one of the symptoms.
For years I have been looking for a permanent cure without resorting to artificial nails again.
I have religiously applied this product at least twice a day for a period of approximately 2 months now and the improvement in the condition of my nails is amazing. Not only have my nails grown and needed filing the actual appearance and condition of the nail is so much improved.
My nails look moisturised and have a nice glow to them and are smooth to touch with no more ridges.
I have just taken advantage of the special offer so that I never run out of this top shelf product. *

Alan, Grass Valley CA

I am a classical guitar player. My nails on my right hand are essential to be able to produce the proper tone and projection. For years I have had difficulty maintaining strong nails. I would routinely have breakage and chipping and I would have to wait for the nail to grow out to an acceptable length only to have the next incident happen again. I started using Flexinails about 8 months ago. I now have basically zero problems with my nails. They are healthy strong and they even seem to be growing in faster. The thickness of the treated nails is noticeably greater. I could not be happier with this product. I would note that the nails are not flexible to the degree that the videos I've seen on this product but that is not a concern of mine. The overall results are exactly what I was looking for. *

Nancy, Wellington Florida

I wish I had taken before pictures because the results from using your product are fantastic! I've been using it both day and night since November. I couldn't be more pleased. I spent alot of money on many different nail products that promised good results but never proved true. I will continue use and have told many friends about it. Thank you now I am not embarrassed by my ugly nails but instead I get complements on my beautiful nails!!! *

Barbara, Averill Park NY

FlexiNail has been wonderful for me. I began using the nail & cuticle products about 6 months ago. I tried many products in the past but my nails would still split and tear. It took about 2 months but the difference was very noticeable. My nails are growing are stronger and have a natural shine to them. My cuticles look much better too. I also love that FlexiNail helps fund projects in developing countries. *

Debbie, Fremont CA

I have been a long time user of FlexiNail. I was tired of my nails splitting down in the skin portion of the nail bed it was painful. I decided to try gel nails. Big Mistake! My nails started breaking and peeling. After searching for awhile I came across this product. It took 6 months for results as I had to wait for my nails to grow out. But I have to say my nails no longer split the way they used to. And on occasion when I break a nail I realize I have been exposing my hands to too much detergent and not using my FlexiNail as usual. Try it! Be patient! You'll be very happy you did! *

Toni, Mt Nasura Western Aus

What can I say that thousands of others haven't?
I started using your product in 2013 when I removed acrylic nails I'd used to hide the weak and split nails I'd had all my life. What a mess: I was too embarrassed to even take a photo. It took a few months but now my nails are strong and only split when I've done too much and haven't use Flexinail for a few days. Now once every couple of days is all I need to keep them growing strong.
Thanks heaps. *


I've been using Flexinail for over a year and will not be without it. I am sending a picture of the results but have no photo of the 'before' simply because I was so ashamed of my nails I would not take a picture of them. *

Pamela, Cardiff Wales

I spent years and a lot of money searching for something to help me grow stronger nails all to no avail until I discovered Flexi Nail. It really does work. Stick at the 100-day trial - you will then see the difference. I was delighted with the result and will never stop using Flexi Nail. My hands are in water a lot but Flexi Nail helps my nails stay strong and they don't split like they used to. Try it and you will never go back! You don't need anything else! *

susie gregory, columbus in

I'm writing to rave about your product!!! - I've had terrible nails all my life - it may have started with piano lessons from age 6 to 16 where I wasn't allowed to have any lenth on my nails. I'm an avid gardener and often find myself tinkering or pulling weeds without thinking about gloves. Most of all I'm an artist (susiegregory.blogspot.com) and over the years my nails have gone from bad to worse in my studio.
I started using Flexinail at the end of January and was ready to wait and be patient. Over these months i have seen a gradual improvement especially around the cuticle. My nails seems almost plumper if that's possible. But what i really wanted to tell you was what happened while i was on a recent pleinair workshop. i was packing up stuff in the car rushing of course and i must have crashed into something and somehow the nail on the little finger of my left hand bent all the way back from maybe a third of the way up. It hurt like crazy and I thought...'there goes THAT nail'... I guess that's where the 'flex' part comes in! My nail is fine! - i can't wait to see how my nails look in another 3 months! thanks for a great product and the only product that's ever worked on these artist's hands! *

Charles, Arvada Colorado

I play classical guitar (not well but with enthusiasm) so nails are very important. Until I heard of Flexinail
worrying about nail was a constant and irritating anxiety. Flexinail has changed that completely: my nails are now flexible and tough and no longer much of a worry. Thanks! *

Theresa, Borden Indiana

I LOVE your product. I have had acrylic nails for over 25 years. Three years ago I decided to remove them and try to grow my own nails. First I tried TIPS. My nails grew but they still peeled. So after 6 months I tried NUTRANAIL. Again just when I thought my nails were getting better they did just the opposite. Again I stuck with it for 6 months and my nails would still peel. If I would hit one on something it would break off and split even more. I gave up and used nothing for awhile. One day when I was trying to find something to use on my nails I googled your site and read what you said about your product and read some of the testimonials. I decided to go for it. That was in March. Well it has been over 100 days and I am hear to shout from the rooftops what a great product you have. At first my nails actually got worse instead of better but Derek said that could happen and to grin and bear it. That is what I did and boy am I ever glad I did. For the first time my nails have white tips and I have NO splitting or peeling nails. To be honest the only time I wear gloves is when I wash dishes as I use Dawn with a few drops of Clorox and I figure if Dawn gets rid of grease it is also getting rid of the oil in my nails. I keep a pair of gloves on the counter so I don't forget to use them. I pull weeds and do other gardening things without gloves and my nails are still great looking. I can't wait for another 3 months or so to see if they get even better. I will be back to let you know how they look then. I have worn polish only once since I have started with your product. I left it on only one day.(It was for a wedding I attended.) That will be how I use polish from now on. I wish I knew how to take a picture and send it to you. Maybe the next time I will have my son do that for me. Anyway please keep making the stuff. I have started using this stuff on my toenails. Hope they help them too.
Thanks Derek and company!!!!!!!

Borden IN *

Olza, White Rock BC

Ten years ago I made the terrible mistake of trying a glue on nail which started the slow deterioration of my natural nails (which were perfectly good before I started messing around with them). Then I tried gel nails acrylic nails and so on and so on. My nails became so soft that they became painful. This is when I went onto the internet and found FlexiNail. For the first time I truly believe in a product. It actually does what it claims to. Four months later I have the best nails I've ever had. They are strong flexible and don't tear rip or chip. I am no longer hiding my hands due to ugly nails. Thank you FlexiNail for a fabulous product.
The key to this product is that you have to be patient...it isn't an overnight fix....it takes 3 months for your 'ugly' nails to grow out and be replaced by new healthy ones.
You won't regret this purchase.
White Rock B.C. Canada *

Cynthia, Lexington KY

I was at the end of my rope! My nails had gotten very bad - peeling and cracking. I finally found Flexinail! It is now 15 months since I began using it and my nails are perfect in every way! So healthy and strong no peeling and they look great! It took almost a full year for them to really become perfect again but I'm thrilled! *

kim, geneva ny

I can not say enough about this product or the company itself. I have been using flexinail for about seven months and this product is remarkable . My nails do not break of course I am careful with my nails but even when I was careful before this product if i would accidentally hit my nail it would break off but knock on wood the only attage being said it does not happen now . I am very happy with the results and on top of that this is one of the only companies that I can attest for by saying that they have GREAT customer relations. I am amazed at the fact that not only does a real person call you back but they go above and beyond to be honest . I will continue to use flexinail for as long as it is avialable and if asked I would recommend it without hesitaiton. *

Suzanne, Ligonier PA

I was really skeptical about trying FlexiNail but I was also desperate. My nails were in terrible condition - splitting breaking and wrecked by artificial nails. They were short stubby and embarrassing. In addition I am an older woman and I take several prescriptions which I felt might be part of the problem. Nothing I tried worked. I have just completed my first bottle of FlexiNail and have my second two-bottle order on the way. I am no longer skeptical. This stuff really works! May nails are now healthy lovely and flexible. If it works for my nails it will work for anyone's nails. Thank you for this miracle in a bottle!! *

Norma, Sarnia ON

The past twenty years I have been wearing false nails. When I had them removed for good my existing nails were absolutely terrible. I heard about flexinail but like a lot of products you hear about and then you think it is just a way of making money. I decided to try it one time. I could see a small bit of improvement so I continued the usage. Today I can hardly believe they are so super and look wonderful. Thanks to this great product I am happy to show my fingers and hope many will give it a try. It is not an overnight cure but in a few weeks you will be amazed. Thanks Norma *

Ian H., Minneapolis MN

I am a professional classical guitarist. We use our finger nails to pluck the strings and flexibility and strength is our main concern with nails. This product is the only one that I have found that really does improve flexibility and strength even in the dry cold of northern winters. It really works and I recommend it without reservation. It does take a while to have an effect initially but be patient - it works.

Another important issue is that this product is safe and healthy for the skin. I have skin allergies and many products trigger a reaction. FlexiNail has caused no allergic reaction whatsoever. *

Kathy, Batavia Il

I am currently using your product and can't believe how good my nails look. When I take off my polish and let my nails rest I can't keep from admiring them! They are so beautiful(!) and healthy looking. I have no peeling which is incredible and it has been a long time since I broke a nail!
I am 64 years old and have used every product on the market....this one works.
Thank you for making it.
Kathy *

Deb, New Braunfels Texas

Thank you so much I love your products. I do counseling services and wash my hands so many times a day. I used to have breaks all the time. Thank for a great product. I will be a customer FOREVER! *

Brenda, Milford DE

I ordered Flexinail 3/31/11 and received it early April. My nails were splitting and what I call shinging-the layers were seperating. I have used it nearly every day although not like the directions say. My hands haven't always been dry for an hour before I apply it and I only use it once daily. But oh what a difference!! I can bend and flex my nails and they don't break. I can pull a soda tab and they don't break. I LOVE this product. Name brands can't hold a candle to the results FLEXINAIL promises-and delivers!! *

Charlotte, Guildford Surrey

It was the testimonials that persuaded me to buy this product so the least I can do is provide one of my own. I have had long nails for the past 27 years (since stopping biting at age 14)

I was never seen without painted nails often with nail art... ... ...then 2011 arrived and my nails ceased to grow they were splitting and peeling and would not grow above the end of my finger as you can see from the first photo they are short and still have peeling ends and so still needed to be
filed back as they grew out. So after the testimonials I thought I would try flexinail the price isn’t so far off what I was paying for nail hardeners/conditioners anyway so – why not!

I went for about 6 weeks without nail varnish starting on 24th March 2011 (often asked if I was ill due to lack of varnish and a splint on wrist for obviously unrelated reasons) and painted it on a couple of times a day have now used 3 bottles in a shorter time than I should have as I was using
quite a lot as my nails were so bad. Result is in photo 2 since starting to use flexinail I have only broken one nail (shut it in a gate early on in using flexinail) so either it works or it is a complete coincidence. I’ve just ordered more so you can guess I think it works!

I am now in the position where I am going to have to file or cut my nails (as tempted a I am to let them keep on growing) – happy days *

anne, prescot merseyside

I had worn acrylic nails for 6 years and started using FABULOUS Flexinail 12 months after having them removed. I had tried everything on the market to no avail so decided to give Flexinail a try.

I'm so glad I did!!

7 months down the line and I now have the nails I've always wanted!!

I urge you to be patient - I almost gave up but carried on with the application. I really noticed a difference after 8 weeks - the flaking stopped my nails grew stronger.
Flexinail is a wonderful product and I'll carry on using it. *

Carole, Dorking Surrey

This is the first testimonial I have ever left for any product. Up until the last five years I always had good nails but they started to deteriorate to the point where they constantly peeled and flaked. I started using flexinail four months ago and I am amazed at the improvement in my nails. I still have vertical ridging but the nails don't split as quickly as they used to and there is no more peeling and flaking. I am really impressed with this product it does what you say it does! Fantastic! Thank you. *

Sunny, Kerrville TX

I have been using flex-nail for one year now. During that time I was able to stop biting my nails they have grown stronger than ever before and currently I notice the deep ridges in my nails from years of biting are gradually disappearing. I so appreciate the product the company an the good service and will be a life long customer. *

Annie, kings beach CA

I have been using Flexinail religiously for 1 1/2 years about twice a day. No polish. I noticed results long ago after a few weeks but I'm writing today because I'm suddenly noticing that my ridges are going away. I never believed that would be possible with this product but it's happening. My nails are getting smoother and shinier. Not to mention strong and flexible. Don't think I'll ever stop using this good stuff. *


I tried for several years to grow out my nails after wearing artificial nails for about ten years. My nails were peeling and splitting and no matter what I tried nothing helped. It wasn't until I found Flexinail that my nails actually starting growing like they should. In fact they are growing so well I have to keep cutting them!! No longer do I have peeling splitting nails and I have Flexinail to thank. Love this product. *

Shirly, Cambridge ON

This product is amazing. My nails were splitting so bad I actually went to my family doctor thinking I had some kind of really bad nutrient deficiency. I also tried everything on the market and my last attempt was FlexiNail. You must be patient however as it did take three months but my nails are the best I have ever had. *

Debra, Anchorage Alaska

My nails were peeling & splitting for several years after my back surgery. After trying everything on the market I went to nail salons & had them apply silk nails. This eventually resulted with a fungus on one of my nails that lifted majority of the nail and damage to all other nails due to the deep drilling around the matrix of the nail. I removed all fake nails & my nails looked horrible! I saw a Flexinail add read about your product & testimonials & decided to try your product as nothing else worked. I was apprehensive due to the cost but made the 3 month purchase anyway. To my amazement YOUR PRODUCT WORKED! Due to nail salons drilling too deep around the matrix my nails now grow with humps which they never did before the fake nails but because of YOUR product they no longer split and are stronger than they have EVER been! I started using your product in Oct 2013 today is Jan 01 2014 I gave it time as you instructed and am VERY happy with the results! Thank you Flexinail for your honesty and your wonderful product! I will never try another product and will refer you to Everyone! You have also saved me A Lot of money I would have paid to the nail salons. *

Cheryl, Red Oak Oklahoma

2 years ago I had a problem with 2 of my nails they would grow a little bit then just peel away then I would have to file it down I was so disgusted that I decided to research online to see what products might help. I had already tried all or most all of the over the counter products with no help. I ordered flexinail and after a couple of months of using at least as directed my 2 problem nails were like the rest of my fingernails and I still use it just to keep my nails healthy with no chipping peeling or cracking. *

Judi, Girard Ohio

This product works!! My nails were peeling and splitting for almost a year. I quit the nail polish and patches in late August and started using FlexiNail two times a day. By mid Sept. I could see a bit of improvement. By mid October my nails were stronger than ever. I now use FlexiNail every other day. I do wear polish at times. I am so glad that I tried this product. Thank you so so much. *

Toni, Kenwick Western Australia

My nails after years of weakness and splitting then 2 years of acrylics were just too disgusting to photograph. Now after using only my first shipment of 2 bottles over about 3 months they are long and not split AT ALL. I am amazed. Just hope my next shipment arrives before I go away don't want to go without Flexinail for even a day. *

Barbara C., Clarksburg WV

I have used flexinail every day for 4 years. Having been a previous nail biter and not having particularly nice looking hands I wanted my nails to be least presentable!

They are and it works. Believe me IT WORKS. You must have patience (at least a month) and use it faithfully. I use mine in morning and before retiring at night. If I have had my hands in water a long time as in cleaning windows or swimming I let them dry and generously coat the nails. I like to let mine soak in if time allows. I have given partial bottles away but friends don't use it long enough or every day. My nails are more than just presentable. My hands look better because the nails aren't short ragged peeling and dry. It IS expensive but it lasts a long time!!!!? *

MaryAlice, Gahanna OH

This is not a testimonial about my own nails but when I noticed my girlfriend's nails the other day I was amazed. She told me of your product so I thought I'd try it too. Can hardly wait to receive it and get going ... my nails have been terrible over the past six months or so -- effects of using artificial nails occasionally and biting my fingernails! I look forward to using your product! *

Debbie, Fremont CA

I have been using this for a few years now. I swear by it! My nails used to split way down in the cuticle it was painful. As long as I apply this 2X per day my nails look great. I actually have to cut them. *

donna, picnic point nsw

i had acrylic nail for nearly 20 years so you can imagine how my nails were so after taking them off i had a go at every nail hardener on the market and nothing work by accident i came across flexi nail and thought give it a try if it dosen't work so what it arrived to my place and i read the instructions and started using it well it has taken 4 months of use BUT my nails are strong and hard and beautifully getting longer every week i can honestly say that without flexi nail i think my nails would be still cracking and peeling i would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to flexi nail. love my nails *

Rita, Akron Ohio

I am on the fourth month of using this miraculous product. I now have the strong healthy nails that I had BM (before menopause). Don't know if the life change really had anything to do with the unhealthy nails but I'm definitely greatful to have found Flexinail.Thankyou.Thankyou. *

Jennifer, Tampa Florida

I was totally skeptical of yet another product (and I had tried many) promising a cure to chipping breaking and peeling finger nails. But guess what? FlexiNail works. It DOES take time to work but after about 70 days my nails started to become the way they used to be. Strong with no chipping or peeling. I am ordering another supply to keep the good results going. (And if you are wondering... yes the two-bottle supply does last the 100 days as promised.) *

Danielle, Naracoorte South Australia

My nails have always peeled and split. I have only been using flexinail for about 3-4 weeks and they have never looked so amazingly healthy. I used to always wear polish to cover them up but now am leaving them natural because they look so good. I have tried so many nail products over the years but just love this product and am recommending it to everyone. Thank you for a wonderful product. I have never written a testimonial before but just wanted to get in touch! *

Jean, Taunton Somerset


Conny Hubbard

Hi, I wanted to share with you today how happy I am with your product.

I ordered FlexiNail last summer and have been using it diligently since then, seeing a very definite and vast improvement in my nails. I had used acrylic nails and was tired of it and wanted to grow my own nails out. Using FlexiNail has helped tremendously. It took a while, of course, for the new nails to grow out but I have never had such nice strong nails! I have one nail that always split on the top and it was impossible to grow it to any length before. Now this nail is super strong and has never split. My nails look like they have a natural French manicure.

I really like that you are honest with your customers and don't promise instant results. But the amazing results are worth waiting for!! I will keep using your product as long as it's available. No hand and nail cream can do what FlexiNail can do. I am so happy I found your product. Thank you!!


Margaret, Bridgewater NJ

Incredible! My nails were either too soft and curved around the end of my fingers and I couldn't stop them from peeling and tearing. I tried hardeners and expensive products (NailTek etc.) and then my nails would snap off or crack. No more! The peeling stopped within a couple of weeks but after the 'peeled' thin part grew out my nails were great long and flexible. I have hit them painfully and they still didn't split or break. I'm ordering a 6-month supply! *

Mary, Brookfield Wisconsin

I had artificial nails for years and thought there was no other way One day in surfing the internet I found your website about FlexiNails and in desperation tried it. I cannot believe that I now have the best nails that I ever had and it has only been 42 days since I started using your product. I will be a lifetime customer and am now ready to order your toe nail product.
Thank you for a great product. *

Lorraine, Glasgow Glasgow

I have tried every kind of nail product but nothing worked. Flexinail is fantastic ! Really works. My nails are slowly but surely getting there. I can even go without any kind of polish. Many thanks. I will be ordering more !! *

Cindy, London London

I started using Flexinail on 26th February and now 3 month later I have such great nails I can hardly credit it.

I had used acrylic and then shellac wraps for 4 years or more. My nails were ragged peeling and so thin I feared the salon girls might soon file through to the nail bed.

I did keep them very short as suggested at the beginning of the treatment. I also used a little clear varnish on the tips for the first month. This was because they were flaking so badly they were catching on everything.

I have had to cut my nails because they were too long (2 weeks ago) and not once have my nails split or broken after the first 2 weeks.

Will try to add photos they are on the phone! *

Evelyn, Deurne Antwerpen

Since I have started using this product I have long hard nails : ) I cannot recommended it enough just buy it and see the results urself :) U will be amazed !! :) *

CA Dutch Girl, San Juan Capistrano CA

I'm not a 'testimonial' person BUT I felt compelled to share for the FIRST time since my youth my nails are not peeling. I will never buy another lacquer or polish because that only masks the problem. Like anything else one needs to be compliant to work but that is easy when you have a long commute or apply at bedtime. Definitely requires a b.i.d. application. The only negative is a slight nicotinic smell and it takes long to ship to my part of the world. How about coupons for repeat customers? :) *

Jane, Minong WI

I would just like to say that my nails are really awesome after using my Flexnail and am VERY excited to see the results on my toenails!! *

Sandra, IL USA

I used 2 vials of Flexinail with great results. Thinking that my nails were back to their normal condition I started using another nail conditioner. My nails returned to their dry splitting and brittle pre Flexinail condition. After starting to use Flexinail again I can literally tell the new growth that is being conditioned with Flexinail. It is really a great product. *

Kathryn, Portland OR

I have had great and strong nails for 66 years. Old age finally caught up with me and the last several winters I developed vertical ridges and consequently my fingernails were splitting constantly. I searched for remedies and none worked until I found your website. I use a light coat of product twice a day. In an unbelievably short time (less than a month) my nails were cured! No more splits and all I have to do is file occasionally. After three months I am about to finish my first bottle much slower than you advertised.
So thanks for a great product uses less than estimated and returned my nails back to their younger self!
Kathryn *

Darlene, Ellerbe NC

This is such a great product. I have worn acrylic nails for 20 + years. Every time I would try to get off them I would fail as my nails looked so bad. This time I took off the acrylics 6 weeks ago and my nails are 100% better. They grow they're strong and look better everyday. Thanks so much for this product I love it and will continue to use it even after the effects of acrylics are gone. *

irene, gurnee il

All of a sudden my nails that had never been very good to begin with began to painfully break below the nail line. I went to the doctor and he said there were too many things to test for to find out the cause and since I had found FlexiNail and it worked to keep it up. I must use it a minimum of twice a day and keep my hands out of water as much as possible. I am so happy that I found FlexiNail. *

Roberta, Flushing New York

For years I have tried every nail hardener on the market. Nutra Nail Sally Hanson. None made a bit of difference. So I tried FlexiNail and decided if this didn't work I was going to give up and just put on tips.

Well....I must tell you this REALLY REALLY work.....no kidding. I'm over 60 and my nails have NEVER been hard. Peeling constintly. And I do like pretty nails. It works so well it spooky. Keep up the good work!! *

DC, Saint Augustine FL

Two month update: Nails are still short and lined. Down to one final nail still peeling; a big improvement. I also noticed that nails have stopped splitting horizontally across the nail bed. It is slow going but I have noticed improvement. *

Jenny, Woodbridge VA

Wow! I've had a lifetime of peeling thin weak nails. Now after about four months (my nails grow very slowly) my nails are long and strong and don't peel! They were in really bad shape when I started. Now they look great! I apply FlexiNail about four times a day (I keep a bottle with me at all times: one in my purse one at work one by the bed and a spare one). FlexiNail truly works just as advertised. So happy I found this product! *

Annie, CA

Flexinail really really works wonders. It's been almost 3 months that i've been using FN and my nails look and feel so good. Honestly my ridges are smoothing out and some of my nails are so shiny it looks like i have polish on. My nails now withstand trauma that in the past would have broken them. Don't hesitate to buy this stuff. I use it 2-3 times a day let it sit for 5-10 minutes then spend about 10 minutes rubbing it in. I'm obsessed with my new nails and can't stop staring at them. Thank you!!! *

Tricia, New York

Flexinail is an extraordinary product. My nails had peeled and split terribly for years despite my having used many different preparations precisely in the manner instructed including the moisturizer I applied to damp nails daily for more than six months as my dermatologist recommended (to no visible effect). This physician and others also told me that existing nails can't be improved. The theory is that nails take 6 months to develop in the matrix and that they can only be positively affected during that time; once they are visible they can't be improved. Flexinail demonstrated that the preparations didn't work and the theory is incorrect. I followed the instructions to the letter stopped wearing fingernail polish to hide mhy nails and applied it twice daily to nails that had been dry for at least an hour. I assumed I would see no results for several months and was fully prepared to be patient as I had been so many times before. Amazingly after about 4 weeks my nails were visibly improved. Now after 4 months (and still nail-polish free for the most part) I have absolutely no splitting or peeling and my nails don't chip or break when I hit them against something. I'm completely amazed and very grateful. Think how it's going to look by the end of 6 months when my nails are completely new! Thank you to Flexinail and Derek who also coached me in the beginning. *

Barbara, Star Idaho

I started using FlexiNail three months ago. I have had nails put on for thirty years. I don't know why but one day I went into my manicurist and asked her to remove them. I had read about FlexiNail and thought it was about time. I'm 73.
My nails always peeled split and looked down right ugley all my life.
Today they are just getting to the point to where I can see actual growth and they are solid growing non peeling and non splitting nails.
Give yourself the time it takes to grow out new nails I feel I have probably 2 or three monthe to go before I see the nails I'm really looking for. I don't need long nails just a bit more growth than I have now.
Derek you have been very helpful with answers to my questions. Thank you.
I would send a picture but my fingers are a bit knobby looking--too much crocheting through the years and yes I still crochet. *

Marilyn, San Diego Ca

I have had strong healthy nails for most of my life until about a year or so ago when they started peeling and cracking. I tried numerous products to no avail at all.

I started using your wonderful product only three months ago and I have seen dramatic changes in my nails. Trust me....I will definitely continue.

I also wanted to comment on the information you shared about your organization's culture. It makes my happy to do business with an organization that seems to truly care not only about their customers but their staff as well. You have a permanent new customer in me! Many thanks. *

Melissa, Scarborough ON

Hello FlexiNail:

I just had to write to tell you that in the two weeks that I have been using it FlexiNail has already improved my nails more than religious use of various other oil treatments ever did!

Granted I used FlexiNail three or four times a day but the improvements to the smoothness of my nails and the whiteness of the nail tips is impressive. Also the distortion to the arc of the nail caused by ridging has considerably smoothed out. A few ridges have already disappeared and all ridges have softened. The powdery flaking dryness at the tips of many of my nails is now gone. I can only imagine how much better my nails will look in a few months! There is a natural sheen to my nails now which I haven’t seen in a few years (I am now 62).

I know that the state of one's nails reflects the state of one's health and also in my case my advancing years but I am so happy to have given my nails a 'face lift' of sorts with FlexiNail. It seems like a small thing but as I glance at my nails over the course of the day it is uplifting to see again the nails of a younger healthier me at the ends of my fingers!

Thanks so much for your product! *

Barbara, Clarksburg WV

I ordered this and have been using it twice a day.My nails usually are a real problem....weak brittle splitting....especially in winter. I use my hands a lot and am not a fan of rubber dish gloves!! My nails after a month and a half look healthy and are fingertip length. That's truly long for my nails. KEY is to give it time and use it often especially after having hands in water ....washing dishes cleaning for holidays. I keep it by my chair and bedside. Love what it has been able to do for me. I will never have model nails but for me this is improvement. We will see how they will do from this length on. So far amazing!! *

Cheryl, Glendale Arizona

I had the most horrible nails thin brittle with vertical ridges that in one case was continually cracking into the quick of my nail bed. I have been using Flexinail for 6 weeks and I am so happy with this product. My nails are strong no splits and the worst nail is no longer cracking vertically. I can't imagine ever going without Flexinail again. *

Brandi, Alma Kansas

I want to sincerely thank you for these great products. I have been ill for several years causing malnutrition and suppressed immune system. As a result my big toes have a fungal infection and my fingernails are splitting to the quick. The fungal formula started working in one week!!!(I'm reordering)Within 3 weeks my worst fingernail stopped hurting and they are continuing to improve. Flexinail worked better than all the things my dermatologist suggested. Namaste *

Liz, Kerrville TX

I have always had weak peeling nails. Have worn acrylic nails for 15 years because they were so bad. My nail tech told me not to wear them and I have tried vitamins Nailtek and other products to no avail. Been using FlexiNail for two months twice a day and I am seeing amazing results! Not only are my nails healthy but my cuticles aren't dry and cracking. My nail tech was amazed when I went in for a manicure at the health of my nails. With the money back guarantee you have nothing to loose so I would not hesitate to recommend this product! *

Linda, Maidstone Kent

Having already left a testimonial I just have to re-iterate what a fantastic product FlexiNail is. My nails have never been so lovely long and strong it's just magical. Even if I break a nail (which doesn't happen very often now) it grows again very quickly just amazing. If anyone is thinking about trying FlexiNail I would say try it it's fabulous!!!!! *

Janie, Clifton TX

I used acrylic nails for years because my nails always peeled and split. I removed the artificial nails a year ago and my nails were so thin. I started using Flexi Nail and my nails are healthier than ever! I use it two to three times a day. You have to be patient! It does not happen over night!
Just keep using faithfully! *

Cherie, Gig Harbor WA

I am another very happy customer. I have always been very hard on my nails. My profession was law enforcement both street patrol and crime lab duties. The crime scene/lab work was especially hard on my hands and nails because of the constant wearing of rubber gloves. I tried so many different products--never worked. Moving to Gig Harbor changed my life style but I still had problem nails. They were down to the quick. They never grew and if by some miracle I did get one to grow it quickly tore and peeled. I found your product at the end of January 09. It is now the first of March 09 and I HAVE NAILS! I believed I could feel a differce within the first couple of days. Because my nails were in such bad condition I applied the product twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening before bedtime. Thank you so much for your product. I am looking forward to not 'sitting' on my hands any more but proudly displaying my beautiful nails.
Gig Harbor WA *

S. Hughes, Virginia

Just wanted to write and tell you that I love your product. I have tried numerous other nail creams oils and systems (both internet and retail) through the years and this is the first product that ever delivered what it promised. I have always had dry and brittle nails that were a pain to keep long and pretty so it was a constant struggle. This of course led me to artificial nails which further damaged my nails but was the only way I could have nice hands. I actually tried for three years after my second to last set of fake nails to let them grow – three entire years and nothing worked and my nails never looked good because they would always break and split.

In a moment of weakness I put the fake nails back on for a couple of months before coming to my senses. I tried yet another internet nail cream and while my stubby nails looked a little better my nails would still continue to split and break as soon as they got the least bit of length on them. I never could get them all to grow to the top of my fingertips at the same time.

I saw your site and thought I had nothing to lose so I ordered your product. After a little over one month using Flexinails all my nails are to the end of my finger tips and feel strong and bendable!! I can’t believe it!!

I keep a bottle in my car and a bottle next to my bed and I constantly re-apply as I love the shiny coat it gives my natural nails and it keeps my cuticles moist. I just placed a six month order as I do not want to be without this product and even though I have some left in both bottles I find myself “worrying” that I will run out.

I can not wait to see what my nails look like after the three month period if they already look as good as they do after 6 weeks. *

Sandy, St. Paul Kansas

Just wanted u to know your product is the best nail product i have ever used. I am on my third bottle and my nails are as strong as acrylic nails. I work in a dietary field and this product does what it says. I tell everyone about this product and how good it works. Even though i do worry about the winter months because that is the worse time of the year for nails to hold up. SANandy *

Yvonne, Ramsgate Kent

Living in the UK I was a little concerned that this would take for ever to arrive I’m pleased to say I had my FlexiNail within 5 working days so don’t be put off just because it comes from Canada.
I have always had to work at keeping my nails nice I envied my friends with naturally lovely long strong nails. Last year on holiday I used alcohol based hand wash this damaged my nails so badly I have bought and tried almost everything and still my nails peeled back so much my fingers are uncomfortable I hate the feeling of having short nails. I know I have a to wait and have patience for FelxiNail to work but after only one application my nails feel better. *

Diane, Conshohocken PA

I am one week into my FllexiNail treatment and I already like what I see. I have splitting peeling nails and have tried everything. I am very hopeful that the 100-day FlexiNail program is the answer to all my nail problems! Here we go! *

Arlene, Cambridge ON

I have tried just about every product on the market for my nails. I can actually peel layers of my nails. So I thought what to hec what is one more product. Well people let me tell you it is absolutely amazing and did the trick. My nails became hard and no more splitting. Obviously had a seniors moment and stoped using the product and my nails went right back to the way they were. I have started back up again and honestly in two days I see the difference. I have spread the word to everyone I know that has problem nails. Great product and glad I saw your vehicle and inquired about the product *

Patricia, Croydon Victoria

THANKYOU thankyou thankyou. For years I have suffered splitting peeling nails. I have tried lots is so called' ail strengthening remedies. All were useless. I have use FlexiNail two to three times a day for the past four months and my nails are now in better shape than I can remember.. I am going to start using naivarnish again occasionally. I will still continue to use your product regularly sot gat me nails will continue to be strong. Highly recommended *

Teri, Alto New Mexico

I have never had my own nails look like they do right now. My nails have always been very thin bendable and the minute they would start to grow they would curl in all directions. My thumbs had damage to the matrix when I was young and had huge ridges and dents throughout. In fact I had lost both of my entire thumb nails and had nothing on top of my thumbs. I've been using flexi nail for 5 weeks and both my husband and I are amazed. I have actual nails on my thumbs. The ridges and dents are starting to disappear. My other nails are getting very strong and growing out beautifully straight. At this point I would never even consider putting acrylic nails on again because they could do nothing to improve the appearance of my own and it's only been 5 weeks. I'm amazed at the results!! I will be ordering again as soon as I open my second bottle and I can't imagine living the rest of my life without this product! *

Cash, Frisco TX

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC....this is the first time in my 63 years that I have MY nails looking good. I've been using for 9 months and the results are great.
It is TRUE that it doesn't happen overnight but follow instructions and it WILL happen for you too. *

Deborah, San Francisco CA

I used the full 3 month supply of FlexiNail and I was surprised by its efficacy. I have very dry nails that were peeling and breaking impossible to actually grow them even a little past my fingertip. Years of silk wraps and acrylics had taken their toll. But with FlexiNail and no polish for the full treatment time my nails have grown out. I have just ordered more product to keep my nails in shape. I would recommend the product to people with similar issues. *

Bonnie, Chicago IL

The product is phenomenal! After one month there was a noticeable difference in my cuticles and nails. For the previous year my nails had become fragile -- they were split had ridges and just ugly. Manicures were not helping at all. I happened on FlexINail and started using it approximately 3 months ago. The right hand nails are still not as strong as the left and the right thumb nail still has ridges but I no longer try to hide them. I love this product and constantly tell friends about it. *

Nancy, Cincinnati OH

FlexiNail has helped return my nails to the way they were a year ago. I am so pleased. I would like to warn other consumers and advise the company that the small bottle can cause issues. It is extremely easy to spill the product. I have also learned that once opened the lid loosens easily. ( I keep mine in a ziplock bag ). Keeping the bottle upright at all times helps. Follow the directions carefully. MORE IS NOT BETTER.I will continue to use this product to help KEEP my nails strong. Thanks so Much! *

Cherri, Marion Ohio

Amazing...I had greatnails in two weeks. I've always had weak nails but this changed my nails completely. Don't even hesitate to spend the money forFlexiNail. *

Catherine, Phoenix Arizona

I'm 70 years old so have the normal drying of nails. Mine were ridged brittle and pealed constantly. I also swim six days a week so my nails are submerged in chemical water for many hours. After six weeks of Flexinail I noticed a difference and after three months I have long nails that do not peal ridges are also gone. I just ordered my second supply through Amazon and got the great offer with the free toenail oil. Those are horrible too so expect great results. Your products are a miracle and I'm a user for life. *

Benni Mitchell, Nashville, TN

Dear FlexiNail,

I love your product.  I had run out of it and my nails were looking pretty
bad from working in my yard over the fall season. I had a few parties to
attend over the holidays so I went ahead (against my better judgement) and
had fake nails put on.  When it came time for a fill-in, I didn't want to go
back to that big expense every two weeks, so I soaked them off.  My nails
were a wreck.  Luckily I remembered I had put a bottle in my cosmetic bag in
my carry on from my summer vacation. It was like finding gold!! My nails
started to heal and grow within two days.  Now 4 weeks later, they are
looking good again.  I will NEVER stop using your product.  I have since
recommended it to my sister-in-law who lives in Florida.  She sent an email
picture of her beautiful long nails.  She is hooked!  You have a great
product.  I would also like to try your hand lotion.

Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for saving all of us women from the

Donita Hamen

I bought Flexinail in October. My nails where awful,breaking, peeling, never have they looked so bad. I saw your product on the internet and decided to try it. I figured I had spent money on more stupid things. I have been using it twice a day since I recieved it and my nails look terrific. They have finally grown out all of the peeling and splitting nail. Now I have very nice medium lenght nails,and when I bump my nails against something they do not break!!

I am amazed at how well your product has worked.

Thanks so much.

Pamela Davis

started using your product faithfully in Sept. of 2008. It is now Dec. 31
and my nails are beautiful and strong. I was hoping to have beautiful nails
by the time I had an engagement ring put on my finger and guess what I have
both now. Thank you so much.


Faith Dektor

I started using your product several months ago. My nails would normally peel, break or chip, I just could not grow them.

After several months, I was very patient and also diligent, I used flexinail
almost every day, they began to grow without chipping, breaking or peeling. Now they are very strong, and arwfully long, I now need to file them down
to keep them at a usable length. Now I am tackling my toe nails. Both my big toe nails developed a crack, which I could not seem to grow out. I am
now applying flexinail on to all my toe nails, and hopefully in the next month or two I will see a big difference. Thanks for your product.

I am recommending it to everyone I know with brittle nails.

Debbie Vuch


I have been using flexnail for about 3 months now & my nails are nicer than
they have been for years. I love the products & will continue to use them.
However, I would like to use nail polish on occasion & was wondering if you
could recomend what brand would be the least damaging to my nails. If you
could give me any input to it would be greatly appreciated.
Thankyou for your time.


LeighAnne Silver

I have been using your product since September and my nails have improved dramatically. I was in a terrible cycle of using nail glue on my natural nails and they were ruined. I am so thrilled with the changes, you have me for life!

Linda Money

Hello, Derek!

I have been meaning to e-mail you for a couple of weeks now but haven't gotten it done yet. Although I've beaten some of my nails up recently and have had to take them down a little, they have improved so much since I started using your product, I'm very pleased with the results.

They are no longer growing out in layers that need to be kept clipped back but are now really growing (you may recall some of my earlier messages about my nails growing out in layers that were split as soon as they grew and not strong enough or healthy enough to stop splitting)...I have real nails for the first time in about three years!!! I think they'll be nice enough to actually get a manicure before the end of the year and I haven't been able to do this for years.

I'm about ready to re-plenish my supply and was planning to order some more in the next couple of weeks

Ken Turfitt

I e-mailed you a while back and told you I am a guitar player. To make a long story short, for the last 33 years my nails have been a constant source of misery. I have tried every thing on the market, and I do mean "EVERYTHING"
but it has always been the same old story. Sooner or later, and usually sooner, my nails would split or crack on the sides. They might have grown rather quickly, but what good is that when they split almost right at the cuticle.

Anyway, I want you to know that after using your product I can actually push my nails down like you do in your video and they spring back up because they are now just that flexible. Which means, no more splitting or tearing while playing my guitar. I don't know if you can do it but if you could market your product in music stores and colleges that have a classical guitar program, not only would you be in the money but you would be doing a great service to all guitar players that pick with their fingers because they all have this same problem and it really is a torment because it doesn't matter how great of a guitar you have, if your nails aren't right , you can;t get the sound. Please feel free to use my testimony if you think it might help your business. I owe you at least that much.

Thanks, and may God bless.

Donna Trezek

I started using your product after spending all of my life with terrible
nails and spending hundreds of dollars on products that did not work. I
realized there should be a product out there that does work and so when I
found your product on line I had nothing to lose. Well, I have been using
this since June 1, 2008 and I can not believe the difference. For the 1st
time in my life I have beautiful nails. The product started working

Thank you for giving me a product that really does do what you
said it would.

Kay, PA

Be patient!! FlexiNail does exactly what it claims. You need to give it
about 4 weeks at least.

I didn't put any polish on my nails until my nails
grew out. I work in an office with the public so it wasn't easy for me.
But now they are growing. I have one bottle at my desk, one in my purse and
one in my bedroom. I try to limit polish & remover as much as I can. I try
to wear clear polish occasionally and colored polish for special occasions.
I've ordered another supply and I'm going to continue to use it. It keeps
my cuticles looking very smooth...thus the less trimming of cuticles.

My nails are the healthiest looking that they have ever been.

Susan Ramelli

I definitely need to give you some positive feedback!

I started using Flexinail in March of this year and have written to you twice with problems that I was having. It is now August and I am reaping the benefits of my diligence and your encouragement! My nails are long and most of them(even the ones that I was having the most problems with) have grown to a similar length. I am delighted!!

My cuticles are still a bit dry-should I begin to use a drug-store type cuticle cream for this? Also, since I am trying not to use nailpolish on a regular basis, my nails often look "dirty" underneath. This is due to working with food on my job and just the daily debris that gets caught there. It normally doesn't show when one is wearing polish. Any suggestions for whitening the nail tips underneath?

Thanks so much for all of your encouragement. I am delighted!

Susan Ramelli

Margo Permut

I have been using your product for exactly 2 months now. Information tells
me that a nail takes 6 months to completely grow out from base to tip.
Knowing this, I am then only a 1/3 way through my treatment process. Started
using your product consistently once or twice a day since June 3. I am being
very patient and not wearing nail polish, but so far in these 2 months.....
my nails have completely stopped peeling and look extremely healthy. They
are not growing very fast, but I am not even 1/2 way through treatment. I am
very pleased about how healthy my nails look, especially the no more
peeling. I love how easy your product is to use and the results so far have
been fabulous.

Emilie Leblanc

Hi! I ordered flexinail 3 months ago and i can't tell you how happy i am! I
had nail problems all my life and had no more faith to have beautiful nails.
My nails are AMAZING!!!! Strong, healthy and it grows super fast. Thank you so much, you got a customer for life.

Sorry about my english, i speak french. Hope that these words explain how
much i am satisfied!

Sharon Williams


I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my results even after
less then a month. I am 55 years young and this is the first time I am proud
to show my hands. My nails are everything your ad said they would be, THANK YOU.

My daughter in law will be ordering soon,I sent her your web page.
Thanks again.
A very happy customer.

K. Seaner, Port Richey Florida

My Name is Kenneth Seaner. Several months ago I purchased your three bottles of FlexiNail. Previous to this I was experiencing peeling of my finger nails. The nails were peeling off in layers. I am a hairstylist and have been working at my occupation for over thirty years so I am familiar with problems pertaining to hair and nails.

Nothing I could purchase from our beauty supply house or from drug stores helped. even my Doctor could not help me. I talked to many nail technicians and they had no answers. This went on for two years I even talked to nail people at our Nation convention and no help! Finally one night I searched the internet and came across your web site. I purchased your three bottle deal. My nail have never looked better. The peeling has stopped and my nails are pink and hard and very healthy . I tell all my salon patrons about your fantastic product. I will use it forever.

My sincere thanks for producing such a fatastic treatment.

Sincerly Kenneth F Seaner
Port Richey Florida *

Joy, Greeenfield IN

A product that really works. FlexiNail is amazing.....you can actually see your nails growing out stronger and longer. I've tried every product out there this is the very first one which has actually worked. I'm a lifelong customer.

This is not a 'coverup' its like giving vitamins/nutrients to your nails. Its not a quick fix either but you will see results. *

Cheryl, Palestine Texas

I have tried every new product and gimic over the past 30 years and absolutely none of them has ever managed to make my paper-thin nails grow to the end of my fingers. I happened to be browsing the internet one day last year and saw the flexinail advertised. I decided to try it because it made sense. Sure enough I saw a drastic difference after a month and my nails kept growing and were stronger than they had ever been. That is when I knew this was the real thing. It added moisture to my nails when everything else I had tried just dried them out and made them brittle. I will admit that I failed to re-order after the first 3 bottles. My nails gradually got worse again. I am usig flexinail again and have already noticed a difference. This time I plan to keep using it. It only takes a couple of minutes. There is no reason not to use it. Thank you very much for your product. *

Marva, Rexburg ID

I just want to thank you for this amazing product. I use it religiously now and have beautiful names. Finally I am able to actually have to trim and file my names after years of splitting and cracking. I think of you every time I look at my hands and see the nails I always dreamed of. Thank you so very much for developing and providing this product. It's wonderful! *

melissa, San Antonio tx

this is very important. ive been using flexinail on my nails and its great. but what its done for my hair is why i am now addicted to the substance. *

Arlene, Brooklyn NY

This product is absolutely amazing!!!! I have been getting my nails wrapped with silk for the past 23 years and have recently stopped. This is the only product that has really helped my nails grow! I can see a difference overnight .Product is also so easy to apply I carry it with me all the time and apply a couple of times a day.
Thank you for developing this product!!! *

Donna, Salem MA

Like many others I to have tried numerous products to help stop my nails from splitting. This product is the best. Just after using it for about 3 weeks some of my nails have stopped splitting. I'm sure that after another 4 weeks my nails will be in great shape. I've also notice that the tips of my nails look whiter. Almost like a french manicure. I like that there are 2 vials so I can have one at work and the other at home. This way I'm never without.

Thank you for a great product that does work. *

jane, sutton ne

This is the best nail treatment I have ever found. I work with water everyday and my nails were a mess but after I started using the flexinail they are so much better. At first I didn't think it was working but after about 3 months my nails started to grow and look better. Now they are long and strong. I will not buy anything else for my nails. *

Barbara, Kent UK

Hi Derek
Just wanted to say what a wonderful product flexinail is. My nails grow slowly maybe because I am 60 but I am now after 4 months reaping the rewards and what a wonderful feeling it is to have nails that look so healthy for such little effort. Thank you so much *


Well I had been using T.I.P.S. for over 3 months. My nails still remained deeply ridged with the cuticles growing down my nails. After 3 months they looked horrible!. Now I've been using Flexinail for a month and the difference is nothing short of amazing! The cuticles have receeded back to where they should be the ridges are hugely improved and are very white. I am a believer and have finally found my Holy Grail nail product. Thank you so much...and don't waste time and money on T.I.P.S. Go straight to Flexinail!!!!! *

Phyllis, Portland Oregon

I used this product and it healed my nails I had used artifical nails my nails were pealling an riped would not grow I must say if you dont keep using it they fall back into a mess. *

Jane, Dalkeith Midlothian UK

My nails were pretty messy after removing gel nails which I'd got done for my recent holiday.

My package of FlexiNail arrived last Friday (27 July) and I've been using it - at least twice a day - since.

I can see an improvement in my nails already and I hope that continued use of FlexiNail will give me the natural nails I want. It's fab I've never used anything like it before. *


I cannot put into words the huge improvement this product made in my nails. And almost immediately - no exaggeration! Thank you!!
Rose *

Carol, Saugerties New York

This the greatest product I have ever used. My nails look great. Thank you so much. *


I have been using FlexiNail now since 2009. I am one of those people who have nails that will never be strong or grow long(I inherited it from my mother). My nails would peal in layers like an onion so I would always be 'chewing' on my nails. FlexiNail has not changed that gene that I inherited but it has definitly helped! FlexiNail conditions my nails and keeps them from constantly pealing. They will still break if I hit them just right but at least I have nails that break! I will never stop using FlexiNail as long as it is available. I don't know how you do it but thank you FlexiNail. *

randy, bothell wa

I had taken my nails off 9 monyhs ago. I ordered flexnail and what a difference. They have been growing and they are stronger. Thanks you flexnail *

Marilyn, San Diego Ca

I have had beautiful strong nails most of my life. As time went on (read that...as I aged)my nails started to disintegrate! They cracked peeled split crumbled etc. Nothing I did helped. Then I discovered Flexi-Nail and after a few weeks my nails were as beautiful and strong as before! Than you so much for this terrific product. Marilyn *

jill, Carisbrook Victoria

I am sooo happy with.how great my nails are now. Strong & Long. Before using flexi nail thy were soft & split. Great product took about a month to start seeing the results. *

Linda, Hawaiian Gardens CA

I was very aphrehensive when I placed my first order as I had tried many products for my week ridged nails.I having been using FlexiNail for three (3) months and my nails are strong and ridge free.
I love this product and would highly recommend to any one with soft brittle ridged peeling nails or nails that grow curved.
It works best when no polish is applied but they are so pretty you really don't need polish. *

Jeanne, Mount Vernon Washington

20 Years ago I started getting acrylic nails to solve the problem of my problem nails: splitting painful hang nails cuticles that always were peeling and dry. I liked acrylic nails because they were tough and looked nice even though I have never liked the looks of long painted nails. I was always telling the technicians to cut them short and stick to the french look of pink and white.

But when some salons started pushing the next best thing- 'Gell nails?' which needed redoing every 2 weeks I stopped. I started applying a hardener until my nails recovered. But they were so crumbly! One nail was split in half threatening to widen in the split which scared me.

I went on the internet to see what I could do and discovered Flexinail. I've used it for almost 4 months applying at least a couple times a day. My nails are SO much better. I use Flexinail along with a cuticle clipper in my purse for use whenever necessary.

I wish I knew what I know now about nail health. It is important to keep our nails healthy; check the times they are washing dishes or deep in garden soil or applying varnish. Wear plastic gloves! Also I really do need a cuticle clipper handy at all times. I used to alwasy be nibbling away at the dead skin around my nails causing the worst wounds and the most unsightly nails. Now I use Flexinail or Olive oil or whatever I have handy to get the nails hydrated and oiled. *

*Individual results may vary.