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You wouldn't be on this web site if you didn't want to improve your nails. So, chances are you've already tried all kinds of products - but you're still frustrated. We promise not to waste your time, but if you'll spend a few minutes with us now, we'll give you some great information on how to get the natural fingernails you want.

Take a minute to view our home video with the results of Derek's 3-monthFlexiNail Challenge (a hard but flexible nail doesn't chip or break when stressed):

For a nail conditioner to show long term results, it needs to penetrate the nail's protective coating. Most conditioning oils don't penetrate - they just sit on top of the nail. They absorb into the cuticle - but not into the nail itself. Many products even advertise "vitamins" - but in many cases this "vitamin" or antioxidant is one of the ingredients used to simply stop the oil in the product from going rancid (and it sounds good too). For a conditioner to be effective - it has to get into the nail which is made of alpha keratin and very different in composition from the skin. Without a penetrating formulation, the ingredients can't penetrate to the nail matrix and you're wasting your time AND money.

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