It's the first time in my life that I have strong, long, lovely nails without peeling or breaking.*
-- Tammy, Newburgh NY
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Do your nails grow fast? Are you using the right fingernail product to get the strength and faster nail growth you want? Are you doing the simple things in your daily routine that will lead to healthier, stronger faster growing fingernails?

Below are five things that are really tough on nails and toe nails and some simple suggestions to help you get the fast fingernail growth you want while getting rid of those dry, brittle nails once and for all.

  1. Excessive hand washing (or sanitizing) - Maybe you're in a profession that simply requires you to wash your hands a lot (health care, child care, food preparation etc). Washing your hands with soap and water or cleansing with alcohol based gels can really strip and dry out your fingernails. Use a penetrating nail conditioner like FlexiNail to "re-hydrate" your nails. If you just use a cuticle cream or a simple oil that isn't formulated to get past the nail's protective coating then it isn't getting into the nail and you are wasting your time and money. Once the oil based conditioner is in the nail it actually works to repel water and its effects.
  2. Environmental / weather dryness - If you live in a cold dry winter area or where there are hot dry summers your nails can be severely impacted. You may even notice seasonal changes to how well your nails do. For this a penetrating nail conditioner is highly recommended.
  3. Bad fingernail product choices - Do you occasionally use nail hardening products? These products make nails and toenails harder in the short-term, but they can also then make them brittle and more prone to breaking. Some of these "hardeners" use formaldehyde which acts to cross link the nail's keratin protein. So as tempting a short-term fix a hardener might be - don't do it! Maybe you've given up and just want fake nails. Just remember that these artificial nails or gel nails have to serviced every couple weeks and that is time consuming and expensive and it doesn't stop. When you try to take these fake nails off you will be horribly disappointed with what is left of your real nails. If you do want acrylics or gel nails, just be prepared to have them for a long time.
  4. Nail Fungus - Nail fungus is an infection. It usually starts with a little spot on a nail or toenail or on a couple of nails and then gets deeper into the nail and spreads to other nails as well. It usually results in thick, discolored and often painful nails that sometimes even crumble. If you are going to get artificial nails put on - make sure you are using a reputable shop to avoid picking up a fungal infection. You can also pick up a fungal infection from damp places like a change or locker room, so be cautious walking around with bare foot in these areas. Also, try to give your feet a break from shoes and socks when you can. Although it sounds stupid - change your socks everyday. Fungus thrives in dark, moist areas (ie. sweaty shoes and socks).
  5. Fingernail polish - Do you always have nail polish on? Do you frequently change polish colors? You need to give your nails a break from polish once in a while and give them some air. Also give them a break from the harsh and frequent nail polish removers. These products usually have solvents and alcohol that really dries out the nail. Also avoid polishes containing formaldehyde
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Click on the screen to the right to view a short, one minute home video with results of Derek's 3 month FlexiNail challenge (a hard but flexible nail doesn't chip or break when stressed):

FlexiNail takes just seconds a day to apply and we are so confident you will love the improvement to your nails, that we offer a 100 day money-back guarantee! Remember though, FlexiNail does NOT offer instant results. It will take some time before you see the results and that is why we offer the long money-back guarantee.

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Vertical fingernail ridges? Try Flexinail! You wouldn't be on this web site if you didn't want to improve your nails. So, chances are you've already tried all kinds of products - but you're still frustrated. We promise not to waste your time, but if you'll spend a few minutes with us now, we'll give you some great information on how to get the natural fingernails you want. If you have a minute, click on the video player screen above to watch a short one minute video showing what we mean by strong AND flexible nails. This amateur video shows the result of our challenge to Derek (our customer service manager) to grow his fingernails for three months using FlexiNail. He actually hated the long nails and only kept it going on his left hand - and even then trimmed the nails twice. Part of the video shows him using his fingernail to slice through a raw carrot and then being able to bend the nail over ninety degrees. It's interesting to watch if you have a minute.

Here is what a couple of our customers have to say. Click on any of the testimonials below to read the full (unedited message) or other full testimonials on the page. If you are a FlexiNail customer, we invite you to leave your comments as well.

beautiful strong flexible nails "I am so happy I found your product. Thank you!! Sincerely, Conny"

"I was hoping to have beautiful nails by the time I had an engagement ring on my finger. Guess what, I have both now. Thank you so much. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT." P. Davis

"I started using your product after spending all of my life with terrible nails. I can not believe the difference. For the first time in my life I have beautiful nails." D. Trezek

Click HERE for risk-free ordering information
or call us TOLL-FREE at 1-888-401-NAIL (6245)

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I thought when I heard about flexinail I have to admit I didn't think it would work but after persevering with the treatment I now have to cut my nails for the first time in 35yrs no more pealing splitting cracking or breaking people now ask me how do I keep my nails so...(click here for entire text) -Jenevra, Ferntree Gully Victoria

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